101 Awesome Blonde Hairstyles For Guys

by Jamie Wilson
Awesome Blonde Hairstyles For Guys

Reviewed & updated: October 19, 2022 by Jamie Wilson BA

Women often love and get blonde hairstyles. However, men also enjoy blonde highlights, as well as trendy undercut hairstyles with blonde fringe or fade details. If you need that perfect blonde hairstyle and you are looking into some haircuts, this is the article for you! Here, we’re going to cover a ton of cool looks and ideas that will suit your style. Want to figure out how to do some of these modern and trendy ideas? If so, choose one out of our 14 manly & stylish blonde hairstyles by reading the article below.


1. Is Shorter Hair Easier To Manage?

For a lot of guys, dealing with messy, long, or stubborn hair can be a challenge. This is why most men tend to stick with shorter hairdos that are low-key and low-maintenance. In most cases, short hair is easy to style, show off and get looking seamless and natural, as well as keep trimmed and managed. In the end, it all comes down to your personal preference.

2. Does Blonde Hair Look Good On Men?

If you want to experiment with some proper blonde looks you should know that blonde hair can look good on most guys. This is often seen as a stylish outcome, perfect for those who can handle the maintenance, the coloring process, as well as the upkeep. Blonde hair usually looks best on those who fancy dramatic and grandiose outcomes, as well as guys who want to get all the attention.

3. Should Blonde Men Get Fades?

Blonde guys can and should get fades if they want to look attractive and if they want to have somewhat shorter hair on the sides. This type of look suits anyone, no matter their age group. If you fancy defined edges and blonde fades with a lot of details, you should know that this is the perfect summer hairdo for you!

Top Blonde Hairstyles

1. Hot Blonde Quiff Stylish Haircuts

Hot Blonde Quiff Stylish Haircuts
@Summer Choate via pexels

This side-swept quiff blonde hairstyle is actually very easy to style. However, the color is a bit hard to achieve & get just right. Make sure you have a well-trusted hairstylist before you switch your hair color completely. When it comes to products, you will only need a hair gel to do your hair styling. Brush it out and leave it swept on the side to get the best formal or casual look.

2. Ash Blonde Taper Haircuts

Ash Blonde Taper Haircuts
@Alex Urezkov via pexels

This cool ash blonde haircut is perfect if you love shorter haircuts. The undertone is light and washed out, while the cut is easy to maintain. However, similar silver-blonde hairstyles will need specific hair-care products. Those are high-quality shampoos and conditioners that are only used for platinum blonde hair. If you don’t use these, your roots may end up looking yellow, and your hair will wash out sooner than later.

3. Defined Blonde Hair Styles

Defined Blonde Hair Styles
@Myicahel Tamburiniv via pexels

This short blonde hair is a lot like a typical crew cut. Are you a fan of blonde hairstyles that are low-maintenance? Men who don’t mind growing out of their roots and who want to wear their blonde hairstyles recklessly will enjoy this cut. It also looks a lot like that popular Maluma hairstyle that guys have been going crazy over in the last couple of years!

4. Short Faux Hawk Blonde Hairstyles

Short Faux Hawk Blonde Hairstyles
@Rodrigo Sümmer via Unsplash

This slight faux hawk blonde haircut is fantastic for guys who don’t mind the styling process. You will need a comb or a brush, a high-quality pomade, as well as some gel to tame down the baby hairs. Take your time when styling similar blonde hairstyles; they can have a huge impact on your overall appearance. 

5. Ash Blonde Buzz Cut Hairstyles

Ash Blonde Buzz Cut Hairstyles
@Andrea Piacquadio via pexels

If you prefer fashionable and natural hairstyles, this buzz cut will look perfect on you. Styling is pretty simple since you won’t need to use any hair product on top! Just get regular cuts, and make sure your hairdresser touches up your blonde every time, never do it on your own. Men with oval face shapes might pull this off with ease.

6. Long Hairstyles For Blonde Hair And A Beard

 Long Hairstyles For Blonde Hair And A Beard
@Karsten Winegeart via Unsplash

Short blonde hair can step aside when this XXL blonde cut comes along! If you are a fan of Jesus’s hair and you like unusual haircuts, this is it. It will take years for you to grow out your hair this long. However, if you succeed, turn your medium-long hair into this bright and wearable masterpiece! Don’t forget to add your facial hairs as well.

7. Blonde Quiff Haircuts With Bangs

Blonde Quiff Haircuts With Bangs
@Rodrigo Sümmer via Unsplash

Some blonde hairstyles will demand a bit more styling. Guys who have time and who would like their quiff to stand out will enjoy similar haircuts. With this one, it is important to blow-dry it the right way and to get that top somewhat wavy. If your top is more voluminous and healthy, as well as wavy, why not rock this blonde look with confidence?

Feature image from pexels

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