How to Avoid Shaving Rash and Ingrown Hairs – The Ultimate Guide

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If there’s one thing that you could easily get men across the globe to agree on it’s that razor burn and ingrown hairs are the banes of any gent’s grooming routine. So, if you’re hoping to minimise your chances of one of these annoyances cropping up you’re in luck. Check out some of our tips for preventing shaving rash, razor burn and ingrown hairs.


How to Prevent Razor Burn/Shaving Rash

One of the dreaded side effects of shaving, razor burn in an unfortunate skin irritation that can come about for a number of reasons such as excessive shaving or using blunt or rusty products. While there is an abundance of other reasons that an undesirable case of razor burn can rear its ugly head, in most situations, it’s completely avoidable with the right precautions. So, how to prevent shaving rash? Let’s take a look.

Razor Burn/Shaving Rash Cure

Ok, so you’re planning to apply all the techniques above to minimise any future cases of razor burn, but what about a shaving rash treatment for the irritation you’ve already incurred. While there are a bunch of natural, homemade shaving rash treatment recipes online, you can never really be sure what’s going to work and what’s simply a load of…jargon.

Razor burn and shaving rash can be easily combatted if you have a good post shave balm routine. Brands like Anthony, Jack Black and Muhle will provide you with all those needs. The cooling gel, shave balms and aftershave balms will help your skin beat the post shave feeling, and combat ingrown hairs and razor burn from appearing more often. If you wanted to know how to get rid of shaving rash then know you do!


How to Avoid Ingrown Hairs

It’s important to remember that ingrown hairs can be beaten, as long as you stick to a few simple steps with your skincare routine. If you exfoliate your skin often then the number of ingrown hairs should start to reduce. According to the NHS “an ingrown hair can be caused by the follicle being filled with dead skin cells.” If you exfoliate your skin then often then you should be able to beat those pesky ingrown hairs.

In short, ingrown hairs are simply a severe case of razor burn where the hair has started growing underneath the skin instead of outwards as usual. To avoid a case of ingrown hair rash simply follow the aforementioned tips on how to prevent razor burn with particular emphasis on shaving with the grain as this is one of the more prevalent causes. Ingrown hair treatments are now easier to come across than ever and we’re more than grateful for it.

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Best way to remove ingrown hairs is with heat, products and tweezing PHOTO CREDIT: Pinterest


Ingrown Hair Cure

Once again, there are a few noted methods and home remedies for ingrown hair removal. The best approach? Go for tried and tested over the counter option that is proven to fix ingrown hair follicles.

Alongside this, there’s also a couple of more D.I.Y approaches to get rid of ingrown hairs. There are a number of ingrown hair removal tools with the best, in premise, simply being an extended version of a tweezer. Simply exfoliate the skin around the ingrown hair bump, heat the skin and begin to pull the hair until it’s released. Apply a little moisturiser, such as an aftershave lotion, and you’re set.

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How to Avoid Shaving Rash and Ingrown Hairs

  • Exfoliate: Clearing your skin of any dead cell/oil buildup will prevent blockage, look out for ingredients like glycolic acid to minimise your chances of shaving rash or ingrown hairs.
  • Go with the grain: Shaving against the grain may give you a closer cut, but it leaves hair at an increased risk of growing underneath the skin. It may take longer, but prevent irritation by going with the grain.
  • Use a badger brush: Simply using a badger brush as opposed to your hands will raise hairs up giving a smoother, easier shave.
  • Don’t use blunt blades: Pretty self-explanatory, blunt or rusty blades will cause irritation and possibly infection – save yourself the trouble lads.
  • Consider going electric: While this isn’t for every guy, going electric with your razor choice will typically mean less irritation with the sacrifice of a close shave.
  • Use a safety razor: Safety razors will usually use just one blade, as opposed to those with four or five which can cause irritation for sensitive chaps.


On That Note

There we have it. From knowledge on simply preventing a little shaving rash to some tips for those wondering how to remove ingrown hairs, follow the guide above and you shouldn’t have to worry about a pesky case of razor burn again.

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