Autumn/Winter Trends Checked Prints

by Jamie Wilson
Autumn/Winter Trends Checked Prints

Reviewed & updated: October 19, 2022 by Jamie Wilson BA

One of this season’s biggest trends is checked prints, whether you’re wearing them on your shirt, jumper even your trousers, you can easily pull this trend off. Check out our style guide for everything you need to know.

Whether you’re into the 70s trend which is massive this season or tonal dressing there will be something out there for you. However, this time we’re focusing on checks. From T-shirts to suits, checks are everywhere this season – don’t worry, you won’t come off looking like a lumberjack – unless you want to, that is. You can easily pull this trend off without looking like you own an axe.


For a statement look that is sure to impress, why not try a bold check jumper look? Don’t let the colours put you off – if you are going to invest in one then it can easily be paired with a simplistic look. Try wearing a pair of black slim-legged jeans with some white trainers to give you a more alternative and subdued look.

Because the weather is getting a lot colder, try adding a beanie or cap to give you that extra bit of warmth. If you’re still cold, then a leather biker jacket would work just as well. The great thing about this look is that you can really play around with the rest of your outfit. Whether you want to wear trousers or jeans, this look will work for both casual and smart casual occasions. If a checked jumper really isn’t your style, go a step up and wear one with block colours instead.

Autumn/Winter Trends Checked Prints
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If you’re after a more classic and subtle look then go for a jumper with accents of a check design to it. These tend to have a festive feel about them and are perfect for the autumn/winter months. Wear them with light rinse jeans for a more casual look, and darker jeans for an evening out. To accessorise, try wearing a pair of sunglasses in the daytime (never when it’s dark, you will look silly), and opt for some white trainers for a cool winter look.


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A checkered T-shirt may not be your first choice when it comes to pulling off this trend, but hear me out. You can make a checked tee up to date and fashionable. First, drop all the knowledge you have of the check T-shirt. You will not, I repeat will not wear these with extreme skinny jeans (nor should you own man jeggings).

Think about making this look up to date, sleek and stylish. Take a colour out of the top pattern and colour match it to your trousers. This is a simple technique when wearing patterns as it makes sure your outfit doesn’t clash. To finish the look, put on a sophisticated jacket and you’re ready for an evening at the pub.


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Now, another way to dip into the checkered trend this season is via your trousers. This was a massive trend over Fashion Week and can easily be achieved without looking too avant-garde. Firstly, you need to think about the print you want, whether tartan, gingham or just a classic check.

The best way to wear this look is to keep your top half simple, wear your check trousers with a clean crisp shirt and some loafers for a smart-casual look. You can even wear checked trousers as a casual look by teaming them with a plain white T-shirt and some clean white shoes.

Checkered shirt

Checkered shirt
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This is probably one of the more likely options that you’ll try out with this trend as this style has been around for quite some time. Let’s forget the lumberjack stereotype and wear a checked in style this season. The checked style shirt has so many options, so we will break down by the best colours there are on the market and how to wear them.

Red Checkered Shirt

The red checkered shirt is one of the most classic styles about. It’s so easy to wear casually, however, we would recommend going for a different checked shirt if you want to dress up. Wear this shirt buttoned up or unbuttoned with a white or black T-shirt on underneath. Black or light blue denim jeans will work great with the shirt, and a pair of trainers will give a clean finish to the outfit.

Red Checkered Shirt
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To heighten your look try wearing a leather biker jacket – this adds a touch of detail and is more of a statement piece to your look. When wearing checked shirts, keep the rest of your outfit plain and monochrome. You’ll want to avoid clashing colours and patterns at all costs. Take some style advice from someone who knows how to do it: David Beckham.

Black and White Checkered Shirt

For a more formal affair, why not try a black and white checkered shirt? Its neutral colours make it the perfect option for a more formal occasion. Dress it with a pair of black trousers and a pair of black brogues. You can wear this look when you are going on a date, just swap the trousers for chinos and brogues for trainers to make it a bit more casual.

Because it is winter, after all, throw on a black overcoat to heighten your look. A longline black fitted coat will bring the whole look together and bring a classy aspect to the overall outfit.

Black and White Checkered Shirt

Blue Gingham Shirt

If you want to take this checked look to a formal level then you might want to invest in a blue gingham shirt this autumn.

You can dress the blue checked shirt down with some darker denim jeans, just make sure that the jeans are a darker shade than the blue of the gingham print to avoid looking too washed out. On the flip side, you can dress up this look for an extra chic formal vibe. Pair your gingham shirt with trousers and a blazer for the ultimate preppy look. For added points, match your belt with your shoes and tuck in your shirt.

Autumn/Winter Trends: Checked Print

  • Checked clothing can easily be incorporated into every man’s wardrobe. When styled right, they are a great versatile piece to dress up and dress down.
  • Checked jumpers are great, but if you can’t style one of these, then go for one with block colours instead.
  • Checked trousers are a great look. They come in so many different styles and patterns that are perfect for all occasions.
  • Red checked shirts are the most casual out of the three colourways we have talked about. The red check shirt looks best when worn casually, unbuttoned over a plain white or grey T-shirt.
  • A black and white check shirt is probably the most formal of the three. This can be worn with a pair of jeans and loafers or some smart trousers and brogues. It can also be made casual with trainers.
  • The blue checked shirt is versatile and will look great worn either smart or casual. This is a great option when you need something to take you from day to night – just change your footwear.

On That Note

Come autumn/winter, we expect to see a sea of check! It’s an easy look to pull off, as it is a basic print for menswear. We think every man should be able to nail this look in some way. You don’t have to be over the top with this trend, just pick out the aspects that appeal to you an adhere to them. Add your own personal touch to the outfit so you don’t just feel like any other guy in a check shirt.

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