101 Amazing Wolverine Beard Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

by Jamie Wilson
Wolverine Beard

Reviewed & updated: October 19, 2022 by Jamie Wilson BA

Is Hugh Jackman your favorite actor? Even if not, you’ve probably seen The Wolverine at least once in your lifetime, right? He is a mysterious character that a lot of boys (and men) fancy and love. When we talk about Wolverine, we can’t forget to mention Wolverine beard styles. Are you trying to achieve that Wolverine look? If so, here are some of the best Wolverine beard styles!

How Do You Get Wolverine Beard?

  • Make sure you can grow out a full beard and give it time while especially focusing on the sideburns.  
  • Use a trimmer to shave the bottom part around your chin.  
  • Shape it into a V shape around the mouth area, but leave the soul patch visible.
  • Trim the sideburns every 2 weeks. Make sure your V shape surpasses your lips, and use a beard shaper to get a clean look.
  • Remove any messy or uneven neck hair because the scraggly look is something that you are trying to avoid.
  • Voila! You are all done, just add some finishing touches such as a beard wax to keep your hairs in place.

What Is A Mutton Chop Beard? What Are Mutton Chops?

Have you ever heard of mutton chops? This is an old-school beard style that was worn a hundred years back! It is called mutton since it resembles a piece of chopped mutton. This beard has unusual sideburns that are cut along the chin.

Top 6 Wolverine Beard Looks + Wolverine Facts

1. Hugh Jackman Beard 

Hugh Jackman Beard 
Hugh Jackman” by Gage Skidmore via Wordpress

Our favorite X-men character can rock a badass and cool look. If you want to emphasize your face, go for this look. Although it best suits the Wolverine himself, you can still give this beard a try. This facial hair will look the best with a full beard and by emphasizing equal parts on both ends. The actor Hugh Jackman had to wear some extensions while shooting the X-men movie, so make sure you are also patient with your hair journey!

2. Wolverine Beard Style

Wolverine Beard Style
Wolverine” by Yan R. via Wordpress

If you want to style your hair messy but you want a clear beard, this is the best Wolverine look trim! Usually, dark-colored beards will look the best once shaped into a Wolverine beard style. Wolverine facial hair will suit an oblong face shape best, and it will give you the best everyday wearable outcome!

3. Messy Wolverine Beard Style

Messy Wolverine Beard Style
Russell Crowe, Hugh Jackman” by Eva Rinaldi Celebrity Photographer via Wordpress

In the past few years, Marvel has made a lot of movies such as Avengers infinity war which have skyrocketed, but did you know that X-men (Hugh Jackman as the Wolverine) holds the longest role of a live-action Marvel superhero?! He has been shooting and playing Wolverine from 2000 and up to 2018! 

4. Wolverine Beard Clean Cut

Wolverine Beard Clean Cut
Hugh Jackman” by Eva Rinaldi Celebrity Photographer via Wordpress

If you are a fan of short hair and you prefer this Wolverine beard and hair look over his long style, why not give it a go? His facial hair is very defined, and this beard style will suit men who want something low-maintenance. The wolverine sideburns should be cut every 3 weeks in order to remain equal parts and to emphasize oval faces. This cut will look great on a guy who has an oval face.

5. Defined Wolverine Beard 

Defined Wolverine Beard 
Hugh Jackman” by Gage Skidmore via Wordpress

Actor Hugh Jackman is often giving interviews. Once spotted and videotaped giving answers to some questions, he always looks very professional and ready for business! If you prefer this Wolverine beard style over other options, give this one a chance! The only product which you may need is a beard wax, but you can let your hair move on its own and style equal parts in the back with some sea salt spray.

6. Hugh Jackman Wolverine Beard Style

Hugh Jackman Wolverine Beard Style
Hugh Jackman” by Gage Skidmore via Wordpress

Hugh Jackman is famous, and he can pull off anything on his daily routine. You can thank his hair experts and stylist for giving him defined facial hair, a specific beard style, and a voluminous hairdo. If you are experiencing some hair loss make sure you go on a search for the right set of hair vitamins! You can achieve this Wolverine beard and a Hugh Jackman beard if you eat proper foods, including some vitamins, and use a high-quality hair-care product!

On That Note

Since now you know how to make Wolverine hairstyle and you’ve browsed through different beard style options, would you give this facial hair a chance? A Wolverine beard will best suit an oval or round face shape and is a beard style that is a go-to by older and more mature men. If you liked this guide, let us know your favorite Wolverine style in the comments down below!

Need More Inspiration

Wolverine Beard
Hugh Jackman” by Eva Rinaldi Celebrity Photographer via Wordpress
Jennifer Lawrence, Hugh Jackman & Michael Fassbender” by Gage Skidmore via Wordpress
"Jennifer Lawrence, Hugh Jackman & Michael Fassbender" by Gage Skidmore
Historical Hugh Jackman” by LadyDragonflyCC – >;< via Wordpress

Feature image from Wordpress

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