100+ Amazing tree of life tattoo Designs You Need To See!

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tree of life tattoo Designs

Looking for an amazing tree of life tattoo? Do you want to know about the tree of life tattoo meaning? This tattoo design is perfect for men and women. If you want a tattoo that is spiritual, easy to get, as well as customizable per your preference and personal style – give tree of life tattoos a chance! Luckily for you, we have some amazing tree tattoos down below!

What Does The Tree Of Life Represent?

A tree of life tattoo meaning is linked to personal development, your growth, as well as spirituality. It also shows your uniqueness and individual beauty. Just as the branches grow upwards and to the sky, so do you! If you’ve been through something difficult in the last couple of years and you’ve come out of it a lot stronger, you will appreciate tree of life tattoos.

What Does Celtic Tree Of Life Mean?

You can also get a Celtic Tree of life tattoo and enjoy its symbolism that stands for balance & harmony. Its branches represent the skin and the roots symbolize the feeling of being self-aware and grounded. he Tree of Life also stands for wisdom and strength.

Is The Tree Of Life Good Luck?

It symbolizes a lot of positive thoughts and spiritual growth, as well as fertility. It is also said that it is a home for good spirits, and it does bring good luck.

———- Our Top 11 Tree Of Life Tattoo Designs ———

Tree Of Life Tattoo Celtic Design


If you like black tattoos and you want a simple tattoo design that won’t take too much of your time to get, go for this one! It is the perfect size for your forearm and it has precise & perfectly shaded lines on the side.

Beautiful Tree Tattoo With A Woman Tattoo Design


You can add a new symbol over your arm and enjoy its feminine look. This tattoo combines the tree of life along with the character of a woman, perfect for guys who have been inspired to grow because of their mom, sister, or girlfriend/wife. You can dedicate this tattoo to someone special in your life.

Life Of Tree Tattoo Sleeve Design


Tree of life tattoos can be large & noticeable, like this tattoo design! If you have time to spare and you want a tree tattoo that everyone will compliment, go for this sleeve design!

Detailed Tree Tattoos Over Forearm

Tree of life tattoos can have a geometrical vibe next to them. This tattoo design is very precise and you will enjoy this artwork if you are a fan of clean and detailed work. People who love unusual ideas and tattoos with meanings will love this one!

The Tree Of Life Tattoo Colorful Back Tattoo


Do you love to stand out and you usually prefer dramatic tattoos? This tattoo of life is done over the entire back portion and in a splash of colour! Time-wise it will take you around 6 hours to get this tree, so be patient and think twice before obligating to larger tattoos.

Black Tree Tattoo


This tree tattoo will look amazing on your calves if you work out. If you are a fan of nature and you gravitate toward black & white designs, you will enjoy this tattoo at the back of your leg.

Giant Tree Of Life Tattoo Sleeve Design


Your tree of life tattoos can be colorful and noticeable. This dramatic design is placed all over your shoulder and it signifies growth (spiritual & mental). If you want that pop of colour just ask your tattoo artist for a pop of ink around over the leaves & the bushes. This will add a unique vibe to the tattoo.

Bright & Colorful Neon Tree Of Life Tattoo


This tree of life is super colorful and bright! If you like a splash of colour and smaller petite tattoos, go for this design. It will take you only 2-3 hours to get the entire design placed down.

Side Chest Tree Of Life Tattoo


These tree tattoos are big and perfect for guys who like nature. This tree tattoo will say that you are strong & persistent, as well as willing to grow. The placement itself is quite painful tho, so be careful before you make this big step and commit to this tattoo design.

Unique Celtic Tree Life Tattoo Design

If you wish for larger tree tattoos and you need a bright & noticeable print, you will enjoy this design. Place a colorful tree tattoo over your thighs and enjoy its symbol of fertility!

Tree Of Life Art Tattoo


You can go for some funny tree tattoos and add your own touch to them! If you love to drink why not place your tattoo tree next to a glass of vine? This will say that you are always growing, but that you also love to explore life and enjoy its party elements!

Having Said All Of That

Are you ready to get your perfect tree of life tattoo? You now know the tree tattoos meaning, and we have some of the best (and unique) ideas to offer. Find your ideal tattoo design with our 10+ models and book your tattoo appointment asap!

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