101 Amazing Tattoo Paper Designs You Need To See!

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Did you ever think of tattoo paper and how to make temporary tattoos yourself? If the answer is yes, then 5 stars for you! But even if not, we’re here to help with our tips and ideas on tattoo paper temporary tattoos! Check it out down below! You can even create your own unique paper printed temporary tattoos and apply easily with warm water or buy the product online! Depending on the quality and your hygiene they generally last about 10 days.

Can you make temporary tattoos with regular paper?

Always wondered can you and how to make a temporary tattoo with printer paper? The short answer is yes! You can totally print temporary tattoo sheet designs comfortably at home! The temporary tattoo paper can be bought in any craft store under the name silhouette tattoo paper. It usually comes as a silhouette temporary tattoo paper in packs of 8.5 x 11 inches paper tattoo sheets. After you created your own best tattoo silhouette design, it’s time to print temporary tattoos! Just don’t forget to mirror the image! Insert the store-bought temporary tattoos papers, but remove the green included adhesive use and just have the glossy tattoo paper go in your standard inkjet printer. Try it out yourself! 

How do you transfer ink from paper to skin?

How make a temporary tattoo is really simple you know! Whether you’re getting ready for a permanent tattoo or applying cut around temporary tattoos, this is an important yet easy step! Temporary tattoo printer paper can be applied easily with water in just 4 simple steps! Moist your skin with a deodorant bar or such, stick the printable tattoo paper, apply easily with warm water and peel. Voila! Temporary tattoos sheets when used with water generally last anywhere from one week to a month, depending on the product quality.

Pin-up Girl Printable Temporary Tattoo Paper Awesome Designs For Men

Pin-up Girl Printable Temporary Tattoo Paper Awesome Designs For Men

Did you know, more men get tattoos of women than actual women do. And who can blame them! Just look at this alluring pin-up model right here! Trick all your friends into thinking this is an awesome calf muscle tattoo, when in fact you used printable tattoos paper and made it yourself!

Incredible Realistic Skull Monster Temporary Tattoos Paper Sleeve Design 

Incredible Realistic Skull Monster Temporary Tattoos Paper Sleeve Design

The difference between fake and real tattoos has been blurred with the rise of temporary tattoos print ideas. And we’re not even mad about it! Whether this incredible realistic skull monster is done as a Silhouette paper tattoo or in the tattoo shop is irrelevant. You’ll look epic having it as a sleeve tattoo for sure!

Cool Black Ink Snake Tattoo Paper Transfer How To Make Tattoo Paper Designs At Home

Cool Black Ink Snake Tattoo

Temporary tattoos are a great way to figure out would a permanent ink one suit you or not. You can buy temporary tattoo paper and make one yourself or skip the hassle and order an already made product online. Just look for 5 stars reviews and you’ll be fine! A sneaky snake tattoo design done in black ink will look perfect on your forearm or shin, real or fake!

Amazing Black and Gray Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse Print Tattoo Paper For Men

Amazing Black and Gray Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse Print Tattoo

Take a look at how amazing this unique paper temporary tattoo paper print product is! Who wouldn’t find a Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse to look epic on a man?! The shading and execution can really full you into thinking it’s not just made with a temporary tattoo paper printer. Perfect for a muscular thigh or bicep placement!

Stylized Grim Reaper Black Ink Tattoo Temporary Paper With Adhesive Forearm Placement

Stylized Grim Reaper Black Ink Tattoo

Are you thinking of getting a tattoo but aren’t sure on the design and placement yet? Why not make one yourself with a temporary tattoo paper printable Grim Reaper design? If you’re using it as a DIY you only need your inkjet printer, the tattoo paper with included adhesive use and some warm water!

Epic Blue Scorpion Tattoo Print Paper Design Temporary Tattoo Ideas For Men

Epic Blue Scorpion Tattoo

Can you tell the difference between a Silhouette temporary tattoo and the real one? Bet your friends won’t when you get this epic blue scorpion tattoo in paper! If you want to skip the hassle with using an inkjet printer and buying special adhesive paper, just order a 5 star product online. Go for a feisty blue scorpion like this one and we promise you won’t be disappointed!

Simple Bold Black Ink Harry Potter Temporary Tattoo Paper Silhouette Wrist Placement

Simple Bold Black

Any Potheads over here reading our top 12 list? Well we have 5 stars idea for you! Why not make your ideal Harry Potter inspired design using Silhouette temporary tattoo paper from the comfort of your home? Temps applied with water generally last you a binge reading session of Harry Potter books, so just go for it!

Pirate Sword Forgive Me Black and Red Ink Silhouette Temporary Tattoo Paper Product

Pirate Sword Forgive Me

Did you have to pick a bone with someone as of recently? If you’re in the wrong, next time you go out for coffee apologize by getting this temp art on your arm! You can order an amazing 5 stars product online or DIY at home. We promise it’s not hard as long as you follow our easy steps described in this article!

Simple Balance Quote Tattoo For Men Temporary Tattoo Ideas For Fitness And Beach Event

Simple Balance Quote Tattoo

Nothing like a simple yet bold statement to show off on your next gym session! If you’re wary of permanent ink, temporary tats are perfect for this! If you have Silhouette temporary tattoo paper laying around, make yourself the best gym beach tattoo. Balance is everything in life!

Faith Hope Love Black Ink Symbol Tattoo DIY Product For Men Forearm Placement

Faith Hope Love Black Ink Symbol Tattoo

Faith hope love tattoos are most commonly represented by a cross, heart beat and love heart symbol. An elegant and meaningful tattoo for every man of faith! If you’re scared of needles, temporary tats are ideal to experiment with! Create your own at home or order 5 stars reviewed product on trusty websites!

Cool Black and Gray Ink Rose, Watch And Blue-Eyed Wolf Temporary Sleeve Tattoo Idea

Cool Black and Gray Ink Rose

You should already know by now how to DIY the perfect temporary sleeve tattoo from the comfort of your bed! Stitching together different elements to create a personalized epic sleeve design can become your new hobby. Be inspired by this cool wolf, rose and watch temporary product and get that imagination going x 11 faster!

Black and Gray Fake Ink Roses Old Watch And Dove Temp Sleeve Tattoo Idea

Black and Gray Fake Ink Roses

We’ve saved the best for last! No one will believe you this is just a temp sleeve tattoo you can apply easily with water while brushing your teeth in the morning! Tell them an epic story of what each element means and watch the fooled faces of your friends. Ideal for a leg sleeve tattoo too!

Having Said All That

We hope you found our tips and ideas on transfer tattoo paper helpful and inspirational! By using temporary tattoo paper for printer (standard inkjet printer) you can create an amazing tattoo product in your pajamas! Just don’t forget to mirror the temporary tattoo design beforehand. After printing, cut around the design or use the cut feature on your fancy Silhouette and apply easily with water. Getting a tattoo has never been so easy!

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