101 Amazing Squid Tattoo Designs You Need To See!

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Have you ever considered getting a squid tattoo in your life? Well our mission today is to convince you to do just that! Check out our top 10 list on awesome squid tattoos down below and get inspired!

What does a squid tattoo mean?

Squids are a sign of intelligence and adaptability. They can squiggle out of any danger and look cool while doing it! A squid tattoo meaning lies in the behaviour of the animal. So basically you’re a smart, likeable fella with a big personality if you tattoo squids on your skin!

Are octopus and squid the same?

While we see how many people would confuse them, they are not the same animal. They are cousins though, so there’s that! An octopus will have eight tentacles with nasty looking suckers, while the squid has ten of those elegant looking ones. Know your sea creatures! 

Simple And Small Squid Tattoo Detailed Black Ink Work Designs For Men On Forearm 

Simple And Small Squid Tattoo

We’re starting the list off with a simple yet stylish squid tattoo! If you’re on the search for charming tattoos of squid, you’ve definitely come to the right place! Get it done on your arm in a sepia colored ink, just an idea!

Black Ink Squid Tattoo Designs Giant Squid Ready For Battle Tattoo Idea For Men On Forearm

Black Ink Squid Tattoo

Now that’s a menacing looking squid if we’ve ever seen one! Intimate everyone with a giant squid tattoo image that’s ready to pummel you! Ideal for forearm or shin placement!

Traditional Colored Tattoos Bright Red Kraken Squid Vs Whale Epic Battle Tattoo

Traditional Colored Tattoos

Now this is the kind of epic tattoos you signed up to see! Tattoo a monstrous squid vs innocent whale scene on chest or back! We promise you won’t be disappointed.

Fun Alien Looking Bright Green Squid Tattoo Small Arm Placement Design Idea

Fun Alien Looking Bright Green Squid Tattoo

Squid symbolism in the tattoo world is that of an intelligent being always ready to change for the better. Just like this funny looking guy changed its colors to appeal more to you! If you’re up for brightly colored tattoos, it’s a sign to ink this particular squid tattoo!

Black Squid Tattoo Art No Means No Design Ideas For Men Calf Placement 

Black Squid Tattoo

Don’t you just hate when people keep nagging about something! The next time you want to say no to someone, just show them this black squid crossing its tentacles tattoo! The search for the best squid tattoo is officially over with this one. 

Simplistic Black Ink Squid Drawing Over Arm Tattoo Designs For Marine Life Lovers

Simplistic Black Ink Squid Drawing

Scientists would argue squids and octopi are the first intelligent life forms in water. Did you see the size of their brains? Before you search octopus tattoo designs, consider getting this simple yet elegant squid design over your arm!

Unique Squid Tattoos Different Colored Inks Image Of Monstrous Kraken To Search For

Unique Squid Tattoos

Up for a psychedelic and unique squid tattoo? Well search no further than this masterpiece right here! That’s one angry looking squid though. Perfect to show off on your bicep or calf muscle!

Gorgeous looking Red Squid Tattoo Artist’s Image Of A Sailor Squid At Sea Design

Gorgeous looking Red Squid Tattoo

A true sign of creativity! Check out this artistic red squid as a cute sailor tattoo! Imagine coming to greet your captain and seeing this guy. Hilarious! Let everyday be fun and filled with wisdom with a unique tattoo such as this one. 

Dainty Squid Tattoos Bright Blue And Yellow Squids Running Best Arm Tattoo Idea 

Dainty Squid Tattoos

This might be the best tattoo idea ever of a marine animal! Just look at how this blue and yellow cephalopod elegantly moves on your skin! A tattoo moving on your body? What? It can, when it’s done that good. Ideal for a forearm or shin placement.

Awesome Bold Black Inkwork Tribal Giant Squids Vs Great White Shark Tattoo For Men

Awesome Bold Black Inkwork Tribal Giant Squids

We’ve saved the best for last! Who would win in a fight against a great white shark? All we know is this awesome black ink tribal design would look so manly on you, there’s literally no reason not to tattoo it. So what are you waiting for?!

Having Said All Of That

We hope you got inspired to get inked yourself with our top 10 squid tattoos! Afterall, it’s what you’ve signed up for. Choose a design you like and call or email your trusty tattoo artist today! For the best experience you can get at the parlour, come ready with the best squid tattoo design out of the 10 we showcased above.

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