101 Amazing No Ragrets Tattoo Designs You Need To See!

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no regrets

Everyone has heard of (and seen) the infamous ‘no ragrets tattoo’, right?! The most funny chest tattoo you could think of has now become widely accepted as a joke tattoo to get. A mistake for one man is another man’s inspiration. And if you’re looking for some hilarious tattoo fails you’d actually want to tattoo, you’ve come to the right place! Take a scroll down our top 30 list of best no ragrets tattoo ideas, we promise you won’t ragret it!

Who is the guy with the no ragrets tattoo?

We’re the Millers is a hilarious American crime comedy movie back from 2013. Scotty P really had no ragrets, not even a single letter. At least it made him famous as the no ragrets tattoo guy, so really what was the harm? If you’re looking to pay homage to this funny tattoo gone wrong, find ideas you’ll love down below!

Best Movie Inspired Tattoo Original Scotty Never Regret Tattoos No Ragret Quote On Chest

Best Movie Inspired Tattoo

Nothing beats the original We’re The Millers quote ‘no ragrets’ tattoo. Such an iconic look to get as your first tattoo! Scotty truly inspired a trend and who can forget all the funny memes. If you want to be like Scotty, get a no ragrets tattoo across your chest too! Don’t worry, it can be a no ragrets fake tattoo.

First Time No Ragrets Tattoo Funny Font Black Ink Tattoos To Get On Your Back

First Time No Ragrets Tattoo

First time tattoos will always stay important for the rest of your life, so try not to regret them! Everyone by now knows the epic fail that is the no ragrets tattoo from We’re The Millers movie. But if you want your first time ink to be an homage to it, take inspiration from our top 30 list!

Scotty P No Ragrets Tattoo Movie Inspired We’re The Millers Tattoo Quote Idea For Men

Scotty P No Ragrets Tattoo

Determined to be the no ragrets tattoo guy, ha? Then get a Scotty inspired tattoo from The Millers and look your absolute best! Choose a stylish font like this one and you’re good to go. Just beware of people that will find your choice of words to be very funny!

Tiny Black Ink Cool Font No Ragrets Tattoo We’re The Millers Movie Design On Foot

Tiny Black Ink Cool Font No Ragrets Tattoo

Hide the shame of your no ragrets funny tattoo gone wrong by getting it on your foot! Just kidding, there’s nothing wrong with this tattoo! If you look closely enough, you can see Scotty and his prideful first tattoo. This no ragrets tattoo would work great as a temporary tattoo, just so you know! 

We’re The Millers No Ragrets Tattoo Movie Quote Inspired Awesome Leg Sleeve Design 

We’re The Millers No Ragrets Tattoo

If you’re really determined to get a We’re The Millers Scotty inspired no ragrets tattoo, fine! Then check out this no ragrets tattoo as part of an awesome leg sleeve design! We bet you won’t ragret this one after like 10 years! 

Simple Movie No Ragrets Inspired Tattoo Do What You Love And Do Best Sketchy Arm Tattoo 

Simple Movie No Ragrets Inspired Tattoo

Do people often say you took a wrong path in life that you will later ragret it? It’s a sign of destiny you found our top 30 list then! You tell them they were wrong and get a lovely no ragret tattoo like this one! Add an element of your career choice just to rub it in people faces. We promise this is a tattoo you won’t ragret in life!

We’re The Millers No Regrets Tattoo On Chest In Black Ink Funny Movie Inspired Tattoos

We’re The Millers No Regrets Tattoo

Want a classic quote tattoo in bold letters across your chest or back? We think you know what the theme of these tattoos is already! Whether you choose the correct spelling or the iconic ‘no ragrets’ one, it will make for a cool movie inspired tattoo for sure.

No Ragrets Tattoo We’re The Millers Throwback No Regrets Only Memories Cool Ideas

No Ragrets Tattoo

Life should be all about no ragrets and only the best memories, right?! If you agree, we think this cheers till death no ragrets tattoo design is for you! Get it done in black ink on your wrist or ankle and show people you’re a party animal with no ragrets in life! Works great as a temporary tattoo idea too.

Movie Inspired Meet The Millers Tattoo No Ragrets Manly Font Quote Tattoo Back Of The Neck

Movie Inspired Meet The Millers Tattoo

Up for a Scotty movie inspired no ragrets tattoo? How about a manly black ink calligraphy font tattoo for your neck then?! It’s popular, it’s funny, so no reason not to get it! You can choose the correct spelling if you really want, but we think it’s more unique to have the original ‘no ragrets’ quote!

Colorful Banner Quote Ideas We’re The Millers Tattoo Inspiration No Regerts Tattoo On Neck

Colorful Banner Quote Ideas We’re The Millers Tattoo

And speaking of regrets, how about a beautiful and colorful misspelled quote banner tattoo? This trend was inspired by Meet The Millers movie and we absolutely love it! Slap on some colored flowers and get this no regerts design tattoo. No time for ragrets in life! 

Simple Font No Ragrets Tattoo Ideas For Men Scotty P Inspired Tattoos For Life

Simple Font No Ragrets Tattoo

Correctly spelled quote tattoos just don’t have the same vibe as We’re The Millers tattoo! But if you really want to make the tattoo simple and boring, get this no regrets tattoo in a simple yet stylish font. But if you ask us, a no ragrets tattoo would look so much cooler on your bicep!

We’re The Millers No Ragrets Tattoo But In Sexy Font Calf Muscle Placement 

We’re The Millers No Ragrets Tattoos

Bold quote tattoos are an ever so popular tattoo choice to get among men. So why not follow the trend with a no ragrets tattoo on the back of your leg? Another trend we vibe to is the no ragrets movie We’re The Millers inspired tattoo. Just choose a font you won’t ragret and you’re good to go!

No Ragrets Tattoo We’re The Millers In Stylized Gothic Font Large Arm Tattoo Ideas For Men

No Ragrets Tattoos

Now here’s an awesome arm tattoo idea for men! Tattoo your entire arm below the elbow with a quote tattoo in stylized gothic font! Make time to look closely at the final result, we wouldn’t want any ragrets here now would we! 

Powerful Yet Simple No Ragrets Temporary Tattoo For Arm Placement

Powerful Yet Simple No Ragrets Temporary Tattoo

We here think you should live your life with no ragrets and never look back. If you agree, then this simple yet powerful quote might be ideal for you! Get it done as your first or temporary tattoo on the wrist or forearm. We promise you won’t regret it!

Sweet And Tiny No Ragrets Tattoo High Five With Your Pet Design To Get

Sweet And Tiny No Ragrets Tattoo

Live your life the way you want and don’t look back! No ragrets following this tattoo, we guarantee it! This no ragrets tattoo is perfect for pet owners too. Let people know what you’re truly like and find a place on your body for this sweet and tint tattoo high fiving your cat or dog!

No Ragrets We’re The Millers Tattoo Inspired Design In Interesting Font For Men On Back

No Ragrets We’re The Millers Tattoo

If you’re looking for awesome chest or back tattoos with no ragrets, you’ve come to the right place! The ‘no ragrets’ tattoo from We’re The Millers movie sparked so many temporary tattoo designs. But if you want a grammatically correct one, get one that has a manly look to it, like this one!  

We re The Millers No Regrets Tattoo Inspired Elegant Cursive Ink You’ll Love On Arm

We re The Millers No Regrets Tattoo

Nothing beats a straightforward quote tattoo done in an elegant font! Just take a look at this beautiful no regrets tattoo and you’ll know what to do! While we here are all about meaning behind tattoos, deliberately misspelling ragrets will make the tattoo design o so more hilarious!

Totally No Ragrets Tattoo Design Best Band Tattoos You’ll Find Of Meatallica On Back

Totally No Ragrets Tattoo

You know what time it is? It’s time for the best tattoo fails you wish were a temporary tattoo design! Imagine being a Metallica fan going to get your first tattoo in your life and getting this instead! We say get this Meatallica hilarious tattoo to sympathize with this guy! No vegan tattoos here, come back a later time. 

It’s Is My Life By Jon Bovi Quote No Ragrets Tattoo You Wish Was A Temporary Design

It’s Is My Life By Jon Bovi Quote No Ragrets Tattoo

We present you the best quote tattoo fail on par with the no ragrets tattoo from We’re The Millers movie! Sometimes a tattoo goes so wrong you wish it was a temporary one. If you’re drawn to this tattoo fail, it must be a sign. So don’t look back and get it done yourself!

Epic Animal Tattoo Fails No Ragrets Whatsoever Funny Tattoo Ideas To Make You Think

Epic Animal Tattoo Fails No Ragrets

You’d think the no ragrets tattoo would stop at that, but you’d be so wrong! In the next episode of hilariously bad tattoos gone wrong, we give you two animal tattoo fails. Don’t you just wish it was a temporary tattoo that will come off soon and not be seen by people. But inspiration strikes when you least expect, so if you’re already hooked get this one done on your shoulder or back! 

Best Movie No Ragrets Tattoo You Already Know Lion King Fail Tattoo Scotty Would Love

Best Movie No Ragrets Tattoo

This no ragrets tattoo is a classic movie tattoo fail everyone already knows! If you want to deliberately ruin everyone’s childhood favorite animation, please do get this Lion King no ragrets tattoo! Find a place for it on your back where you hopefully won’t have to see in the mirror.

Shitty Vikings Tattoo On The Back Of Head Never Have Ragrets With Your Tattoos

Shitty Vikings Tattoo

Viking tattoos come in all shapes and sizes and are a popular choice men don’t regret. But where there’s rules there are exceptions. And boy is this a Viking warrior tattoo worthy of a dover. Talk about no ragrets tattoos, right?! Let this tattoo be a lesson in life – there are some tattoos you do ragret!

No Ragrets Black And White Wolf Tattoo You Don’t Want People To See Not A Temporary 

No Ragrets Black And White Wolf Tattoo

Sir, your dog doesn’t look right! We’re pretty sure wolves don’t look exactly like that, which is why it made it to our no ragrets tattoos! Inspired by the movie We’re The Millers and the epic fail the ‘no ragrets’ tattoo was, we bring you the best fails at realistic animal tattoo designs.

Questionable Tattoos Gone Wrong Fox And Leaves Design No Ragrets Tattoo Ideas

Questionable Tattoos

Do you wonder what does the fox say? It definitely did not say it wants to look like a no ragrets tattoo, we’re sure of that! Artistic choices aside, the shading is done with the same line thickness as the outlines. But if you like these kinds of visuals in your tattoos, get this one

Jake’s First Tattoo In Life Best Spongebob Gary Tattoos Fails To Already Get Rid Off

Jake’s First Tattoo

Poor Jake! He’ll definitely remember this experience of his life forever! If you already didn’t skip this no ragrets tattoo, hear us out. We think this poor Sponebob tattoo has its charms. It has a story to tell and you can clearly tell it was supposed to be Gary. If you fell in love with it, no ragrets, just get it yourself!

Girl And Owl Headpiece No Ragrets Fail Tattoo You Do Not Need To See On Your Back

Girl And Owl Headpiece No Ragrets Fail Tattoo

Imagine releasing your buff body for summer and people noticing this masterpiece tattooed on your back. Bet they would have the best laugh of their life, for sure! This is why it’s important never to skip the drawing and transferring portion of the tattoo process. 

Gorgeous Woman Tattoo Black Ink Outlines No Ragrets Tattoo Design On Bicep For Men

Gorgeous Woman Tattoo

What a gorgeous tattoo of a woman to get done on your bicep or calf muscle! If you have a foxy lady in your life, we suggest you find people willing to tattoo her just like this. You will totally not regret to see this image every day in your mirror. Never turn back on your decision and remember – no ragrets!

Black Ink Religious Tattoo You Already Want to Find A Tattoo Removal Place For

Black Ink Religious Tattoo

Religious tattoos obviously hold a deep meaning for the wearer. They symbolize spirituality and are a sign of your religious inclination. But man do we feel sorry for the religion that has this tattoo representing it! Thank God humans don’t actually have eyes making up ⅔ of the face! 

Best American Patriotic Tattoos No Ragrets For This Amazing Benjamin Franklin Neck Tattoo

Best American Patriotic Tattoos

If you’re a proud American, you’ll definitely appreciate this beautiful realistic Benjamin Franklin tattoo! Get it done with no ragrets on your neck or bicep. Never listen to people saying bad things about your tattoos – they don’t see the beauty that is this Franklin portrait tattoo!

Funny And Charming Gearbox Symbol Temporary Tattoo Idea For Men

Funny And Charming Gearbox Symbol

We’ve saved the best absolutely accurate tattoo you’ll have no regrets getting! Perfect for those who have never driven a car in their life. Get this car gearbox symbol design on your wrist or ankle. And if you see people saying negative things about your new tattoo, get those toxic vampires out of your life immediately!

Having Said All That

We already know you have no ragrets going through our top 30 list! Getting a tattoo for the first time is tricky. You have to choose the right design and get it done in a tattoo parlour that checks out, if you don’t want any ragrets that is! But the We’re The Millers no ragrets tattoo is so iconic, you have to get it at least as a funny temporary tattoo, right?!

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