101 Amazing Joe Rogan Tattoo Designs You Need To See!

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joe rogan tattoo

oe Rogan is an awesome comedian and color commentator. He also has some interesting body art worth taking a look. For more information and inspiration on Joe Rogan tattoo pics, check out our top 5 Joe Rogan related tattoo ideas down below!

How much does Joe Rogan make from JRE?

According to The Wall Street Journal, the deal for Joe Rogan Experience podcast is a multiyear license worth more than $100 million! Only in 2019 it made more than $30 million just from downloads alone. So you do the math!

How much is Joe Rogan worth?

Most media outlets guesstimate Joe’ net worth is well above $100 million and counting. No wonder, with all the awesome podcast deals he made just in the past years!

Higher Being Gorilla Doing Yoga Black and Gray Ink Tattoo Joe Rogan Tattoo Artist

Higher Being Gorilla Doing Yoga Black and Gray Ink Tattoo

While he doesn’t sport this tattoo design himself, it’s inspired by something he said about the power gorillas hold without even knowing! If you listen regularly to the crazy ideas this man has, you may want to tattoo this gorilla doing yoga in black and gray ink! 

Joe Rogan Tattoo Meaning Third Eye Seeing Alien Crazy Black and Gray Artist Tattoo

Joe Rogan Tattoo Meaning

The comedian/commentator talked about his dream-like experience, saying he communicates with an alien while sleeping under DMT. You may find this experience crazy, but his tattoo does look awesome! This crazy Instagram tattoo design plays on Joe’s unique views and ideas.

Joe Rogan Inspired Upper Left Arm Shiva Hindu God Tattoo

Joe Rogan Inspired Upper Left

Joe talked about his upper left arm tattoo depicting a God-like creature resembling the Hindu Shiva. Make of it what you wish, but these tattoos look gorgeous. Express your spirituality and creativity with a tattoo like this. See for yourself!

Red Serpent Joe Rogan Musashi Tattoo Serpent Design Sleeve Tattoo

Red Serpent Joe Rogan

If you search for traditional Musashi tattoos, you’ll know why they’re so popular in the West! Dragons represent wisdom and guardianship. If Joe has one, you deserve it too! Gather all the information and schedule that tattoo appointment today!

Black Ink Work Joe Rogan Inspired DMT Shroom Tattoo Idea For Men

Black Ink Work Joe Rogan Inspired

You may want to avoid DMT usage and just listen to Joe Rogan and his experiences. Or just tattoo the related compound with some cool looking shrooms! Make all your Facebook friends wonder what made you do it. Call or email a tattoo shop for this unusual Joe Rogan inspired tattoo asap!

Having Said All That

We hope you find out top 5 picks on Joe Rogan inspired tattoo ideas to get! Joe has both of his arms covered in tattoos, but garnered most attention for his spiritual God-like creature tattoo. Whether you get the same one as a sign of your spirituality or tattoo the handsome man himself, you’re sure to hear positive comments from people!

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