101 Amazing G-Eazy Haircut Ideas You Need To See!

by Jamie Wilson
G-eazy Hair

Reviewed & updated: October 19, 2022 by Jamie Wilson BA

The American rapper G-Eazy inspires the G-Eazy haircut. He is known for making some classic haircuts come to life. He is also a fashion icon, want to try out some modern classic hairstyles? Most of his looks aren’t that hard to achieve or maintain, and there are several different styling options. In today’s article, we are bringing you our favorite G-Eazy Haircut Ideas You Need To See! 

1. Traditional Slick G-Eazy Haircut

Traditional Slick G-Eazy Haircut
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The traditional G-Eazy haircut involves a fade cut on the side with a lot of hair in the middle. The hair is styled back, and it can even appear to look greasy. Hairstyles like this one are great for people who don’t have a lot of time to do their hair because they are not hard to style. Go for a slick back part or side parting for stylish wear.

2. G-Eazy Fade Hairstyles

G-Eazy Fade Hairstyles
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If you like going for a more natural look and don’t like following a tutorial, then this G-Eazy fade hairstyle is for you! It has a subtle side fade, and your barber won’t have trouble styling your natural hair. This haircut is great for guys who don’t like going out of their way to achieve a cool look. Just comb your hair in the morning, and the slick G-Eazy hairstyle is achieved.

3. Slicked G-Eazy Haircut With Beard

Slicked G-Eazy Haircut With Beard
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If you have a bit more hair and want to have a beard, why not go with this Slicked G-Eazy Haircut? This one may be a bit harder to achieve because of the blow-out and dry look. You will need to use a hair pomade in the morning to make sure your hair stays slick throughout the day. Want to copy his smooth look?

4. Short and Stylish G-Eazy Haircut

Short and Stylish G-Eazy Haircut
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In case you want a more laid back G-Eazy style, you can always go with a simple haircut. Haircuts like this one look very natural and stylish. There is no need for adding hair pomade, so this haircut always has that dry look. You might have to visit your barber once a month to keep your hair short and stylish.

5. Sharp G-Eazy Haircut

Sharp G-Eazy Haircut
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G-Eazy is known as a rapper with a very cool and fashionable look. This haircut is the perfect example of his performance haircuts. It has a fade cut on the side. While the hair in the middle is combed over on the other side. Your barber can add a line between the fade and the hair for a more sharp haircut. This hard part haircut with a pompadour and cool twist elements will look so fine!

6. Layered G-Eazy Haircut

Layered G-Eazy Haircut
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In case you don’t mind spending time in the morning doing your hair, then you have found your G-Eazy hairstyle. This haircut is a bit harder to maintain, and you might have to visit your barber a bit more frequently. It has faded sides and layered hair in the middle. You will have to use a hair pomade for this haircut, and you can visit your barber from time to time for blowouts.

7. Modern Slick G-Eazy Haircut

Modern Slick G-Eazy Haircut
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In case you want to achieve the ultimate fashion show G-Eazy style, you should go with this modern and slick G-Eazy haircut. You might have to use a bit more product in your hair to maintain it. There is no need for an excellent tutorial, comb your hair on one side, and keep the fade visible. This hairdo is fuzz free and can be styled with its fringe, with no blow drying necessary.

8. Comb Over G-Eazy Hairstyle

 Comb Over G-Eazy Hairstyle
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The comb-over G-Eazy haircut is probably the hardest one to achieve. Hairstyles like this one are great when you want to leave a good impression, but are hard to take care o in your everyday life. This is probably the G-Eazy style of hair you want to go for when you have time and want your haircut to look fresh. Show off the volume of the hair and style the top center to get this distinctive look.

On That Note,

G-Eazy is a great rapper to find inspiration from when it comes to your hair. Many guys like his laid-back hairstyles, as well as his more stylish hairstyles. The G-Eazy hairstyles are also super versatile and can be changed quickly. Hopefully, you found some inspiration in today’s article for your next amazing hairstyles!

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