101 Amazing Cerberus Tattoo Designs You Need To See!

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Everyone knows what a Cerberus is, right? With the impact of Greek mythology on today’s pop culture, there’s no way you wouldn’t! The mighty Cerberus is Hades’ trusted three headed dog basically. Imagine having to feed three dog mouths in one! However ugly it may be in the myth, it sure does make for amazing Cerberus tattoo designs for men! So check our top 10 list down below and get the best experience and inspiration!

Adorable Cerberus Tattoo Designs Three Headed Puppy In Black Ink Shin Placement Tattoo

Adorable Cerberus Tattoo Designs

We’re starting the list off with an adorable Cerberus puppy tattoo idea! A Cerberus tattoo meaning can be anything you want to – from having 3 pups yourself to being a fearless guardian of Hell. Maybe you’ll be a vicious person in the future and this Cerberus tattoo is just the start of it!

Cool Chained Up Three Headed Dog Tattoo With Snake Tail Over Back Cerberus Tattoo

Cool Chained Up Three Headed Dog Tattoo

Are you looking for cool and manly tattoos fit for your back or pecs? We got you covered with this menacing Cerberus in chains tattoo! Now this is a dog you do not want to pet. Perfect for Greek mythology enthusiasts and badass men alike!

Mythological Tattoo Designs Cerberus Tattoo Drawing In Black And Gray Ink Art For Men

Mythological Tattoo Designs Cerberus Tattoo

Up for mythical beast tattoos to decorate your arm? Then how about this rendition of the fear-inciting Cerberus? Even just as a tattoo, it can scare away any unwanted attention! Take a creative approach to a classic monster and add additional eyes and a snake tail. Why not?!

Awesome 3 Headed Wolf Tattoo Greek Mythological Beast Cerberus Tattoos Grayscale

Awesome 3 Headed Wolf Tattoo

Nothing like a wolf with 3 heads howling at the moon in the middle of the night! While we wouldn’t want you to stumble upon it, we do recommend this awesome Cerberus as a tattoo design! Works great as both bicep and thigh tattoos idea!

Menacing Doom Pupper In Black And Gray Cerberus Tattoo Ideas For Men Leg Placement

Menacing Doom Pupper In Black And Gray Cerberus Tattoo

Imagine waking up to this image! Yeeks! However, it does make for an amazing tattoo idea for men! Get it done on your leg or arm as a large tattoo design – it definitely deserved it. Tattoos like this need no colored inks to look perfect and that’s why you need it on your skin asap! 

Cerberus Tattoo Sleeve Design Black And White Ink Three Head Dog In Chains On Leg

Cerberus Tattoo Sleeve Design Black

Wouldn’t it be nice to control the 3-headed Hellhound? The least you could do is tattoo it as a black and white ink sleeve design! Insert yourself in the tattoo by adding a character that controls the chains of Cerberus. Complete the Cerberus tattoo design with a background element and your good to go!

Dark Doberman Like Cerberus Tattoo Realistic Black Dog Inner Arm Tattoo Design

Dark Doberman Like Cerberus Tattoo

Have you seen a better looking dog with 3 heads in your life? Sadly dobermans don’t have the best reputation, but damn they’re great dogs for tattooing. To see more continue our list of awesome Cerberus inspired tattoos. This dangerous looking hound is an excellent choice, so just go for it!

Artistic Rendition Of Greek Mythological Beast Cerberus Tattoo Traditional Tattoos For Men

Artistic Rendition Of Greek Mythological Beast Cerberus Tattoo

How about an artistic take on a classic Greek mythology beast – the Cerberus! The unique design of this Cerberus tattoo is what makes it so charming. Fit all 3 heads in a cuff with chains to reference the original myth. Perfect for a wrist or ankle tattoo!

Epic Black And Gray Ink 3 Headed Dog Tattoo Large Designs For Men On Thighs

Epic Black And Gray Ink 3 Headed Dog Tattoo

Just looking at it sends chills down your spine, right? That’s the effect you want with this epic black and gray Cerberus tattoo! Even swords can’t stop this unchained Hellhound. Become unstoppable with a Cerberus tattoo like this one on your thigh or calf muscle!

Insane Cerberus Tattoo From The Fiery Pits Of Hell Full Color Arm Sleeve Tattoos

Insane Cerberus Tattoo

We’ve saved the best for last! Nothing screams Hellhound like a beast with 3 heads engulfed in flames! Continue with Facebook posts of your new insanely good tattoo and keep those positive comments and likes coming! Get it done in full color as an arm or leg sleeve tattoo design. 

Having Said All That

We hope you enjoyed scrolling through our top 10 Cerberus tattoo design ideas! A three headed dog from Greek mythos will surely look epic on your skin, no matter the placement! Continuing you agree and practically vow to get yourself an awesome Cerberus tattoo. So what are you waiting for?!

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