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Air Jordan 4 ‘Bred’ – All you Need to Know

by Jamie Wilson

The classic colour way with the famous nickname – Air Jordan 4 Breds are a staple part of sneaker head culture, and we’re here to learn more about the iconic shoe.  

So bred has been used to describe various Nike Jordan releases in the iconic colour way, but the Air Jordan 4 has been a favourite to many. Its bold encasement and red highlights adds a intense, dramatic finish to the trainer, with rumour that a 2016 OG release is on its way, it’s time to go over the transformation of this fan favourite.

The first Air Jordan Bred was released in 1989 and quickly made its way into sneaker head’s hearts, with the striking combination giving a powerful boost to any outfit, while being surprisingly versatile. Since then it’s gone through a few iconic transformations, while maintaining its rich history, with the 2012 release being the most recent model.

The few images released of the 2016 model however are enough to make any fan excited though, with it seeming like it’s taking inspiration from the 1989 model with a minimal strip of red to add a striking addition to the black upper. To this day the original is considered to be one of the greatest Air Jordan trainers of all time, and considering how many models it goes again, that’s big.

Air Jordan 4 Bred – 1989

The Bred 4’s kept things somewhat simple compared to other Bred models, with designs such as the Air Jordan 1 taking on a bolder, more even distribution of red and black. The Air Jordan 4s however was sparing with its use of red, with it only being used on the logo and the tip of the tongue as well as a thin strip along the front of the toe.

This decision paid off, with the overall look taking on a clean yet striking finish that benefitted from a range of textures and materials. The white plastic wings add a hint of subtle dimension to the trainer, keeping the look balanced, and not oversaturated with the black upper.

Nike Air Jordan 4 bred 1989


  • White plastic wings
  • Cement rubber sole
  • Visible air bag
  • Black upper
  • Red logo on tongue

Air Jordan 4 Retro CDP Bred – 2008

Looking back on the 2008 CDP model highlights some of its positive and negative aspects. Some people preferred the durabuck material due to its strength, although other people disliked the overall texture of it, feeling that it felt like synthetic material.

4 Retro CDP Bred 2008

Air Jordan Bred 4 – 2012

The 2012 retro release took on the same main features as the 1989 original. Subtle differences did occur though, with small things like the thickness of the tongue differing as well as the logo on the back of the trainer. There were bigger changes as well, with nubuck being used as the material, compared to the 2008 release. There was also more definition in the toe, with the red rubber showing off small star detailing, and the overall height of the shoe was a little higher.

jordan 4 bred 2012 model



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