Adidas ZX FLUX Trainers – All You Need To Know

by Jamie Wilson

Reviewed & updated: October 19, 2022 by Jamie Wilson BA

The Adidas ZX FLUX is a recent addition to the Adidas line up but it’s just as impressive. It’s about time we took a closer look at the ZX FLUX.

The trainer world went wild in 2014 when Adidas released their take on the classic ZX 8000. It’s not easy to take on a classic but Adidas got this one very right. If you’re into pattern or you want to try something new with your trainers, you should definitely consider adding the ZX FLUX to your collection.

Adidas ZX FLUX

The ZX running series has been a key part of adidas’ shoe collections since the 80s. In 2014 they released the FLUX edition, a hugely popular design that makes use of modern technology and adds pattern in a really inventive way.

What is a FLUX?

The team behind this reinvention talk about their creative process, it shows how much Adidas care about the shoes they create. Take a look at their painfully cool German HQ below.


    • Lightweight mesh upper.
    • Heel stabiliser at the back of the shoe adds protection and comfort.
    • Rubber outsole for extra grip.
    • A textile lining for added comfort.


The ZX series has been incredibly important for Adidas over the last 3 decades, they stripped back the outer shell of the original and layered the upper with interesting textured designs. The design really suits brash colours and unusual patterns that would look out of place on other less well made brands.



Original Release Date


Original Model Name

Adidas ZX FLUX.



Key Drop Variations

Adidas ZX Flux Prism

Adidas ZX FLUX Prism

When it comes to pattern there’s no point going half way, you want something powerful on your feet and the ZX FLUX Prisms definitely do this. The more colourful your trainers the less colour you need in the rest of your outfit for it to work. Keep it simple and let the trainers speak for themselves.

ZX Flux Ocean Waves


Such a distinctive colour with the Oceans, splashes of blue and white gives an intergalactic feel. These trainers are ideal for any festival, although it might be best to wait for the summer to arrive, no one wants their new trainers caked in mud. You can wear these with pretty much anything but they’re really suit a pair of skinny stone washed denim jeans.

Adidas Originals ZX Flux Multicolor

ZX FLUX Multicolor

The multicolour ZX FLUX shows that Adidas are killing it with their prints, the good thing about the ZX FLUX is how effective their colour schemes are on the trainer upper. Not sure what to wear with them? Colourful trainers work well with darker jeans or chinos and are a great summer look when paired with shorts.


Adidas ZX Flux Camo Brown


The FLUX Camo is a welcome addition to the collection. They’ve got a few variation on the camo look and all are quite understated yet smart. If you’re looking for something you can wear almost everywhere, it’s worth checking these out.


Where to buy a pair of Adidas ZX FLUX

Adidas ZX FLUX
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