A Quick Guide to Suit Sizing

by Jamie

Wearing an ill-fitting suit’s not cool. We’ve therefore put together this wonderful little suit size guide so you know how your formal wear should fit. Take a look below so you can get the perfect tailoring for your formal wear.

Knowing how to measure a suit size is a rite of passage for being a true man. Having the ability to know how your suit should fit is a quality every man should have. Far too often do we see suits that don’t fit and, to be honest, they’re awful. Blazers don’t fit properly, trousers are too long. Ghastly. Awful. Disgraceful. It’s important to know your suit sizes and how your suit should fit in order for it to look good. First impressions are everything. Do you want to chat up a girl in a bar whilst wearing a jacket that looks as though your mum told you “it’s fine, you’ll grow into it”? No, you really don’t.

Now, we’re absolutely sure that you know how to wear a suit properly, but if you don’t then that’s a problem. Wearing a suit that doesn’t fit is a bit like saying “I don’t know how to dress properly.” There are a few simple, crucial and compulsory rules which you must abide by in order to look good whilst in a suit. Thankfully for you, we’ve put together this guide on suit tailoring and knowing how to measure your suit size, so you will know how to wear your formalwear properly. Take a look below and thank us later.

How to Measure For a Suit Jacket

In a word; properly. There are many parts to making sure that your suit jacket fits and we’ll talk you through them as we move further along the list. As well making sure that the suit looks good, these details will ensure that your suit jacket size is measured properly. You might think of these details as small but they all add up to account for your suit fitting properly. Let’s get started, shall we?

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Know How A Suit Should Fit

How to Measure Chest Size for a Suit Jacket

Measuring your chest correctly is the first step to getting your suit fitted properly. Too big, it’s going to drown your entire body. Too small and it’s going to look like you’ve borrowed it from an 11-year-old.

Like almost all clothes, suits are measured in inches. If for example, your chest measures 38 inches, then you’re going to want a 38 or 40-inch jacket. Your chest measurement is the basis of what jacket size is going to fit. Do not ignore it.

If you don’t feel confident about knowing your average chest length then head to a tailor. They’ll be a better judge of what your chest size is and will be able to tell you exactly how the suit should fit. There are a few telltale signs that will be evident if your jacket doesn’t fit you properly. One of which is the ‘X’ that will appear across your blazer should the jacket be too tight.

In this scenario, ‘X’ marking the spot shows that your suit jacket doesn’t fit properly, not that there’s treasure under your blazer. It’s very, very important that this awful symbol does not appear once your blazer is on. It shows that the blazer is too small for your body and that it is too tight across the chest area. This is one of the most important things to get right if you’re buying a suit.

How to Measure Sleeve Length

Again, a great mistake that men make is not knowing how long their suit jacket sleeve length should be. Vetements style sleeve lengths on a formal blazer are far from a great look. If you simply can’t fathom where your jacket arms should reach then we have the answer.

Your wrist bone is the marker for your suit sleeve length and should not go above or below this mark. A small piece of your shirt should be visible, but not so much as to let people think you’ve got a ruffled shirt on underneath. These lines are the fashion law when it comes to the arms on your suit. Do not break them.

How to Measure Sleeve Length for a Shirt

Having a shirt that doesn’t fit properly is also just as bad as having a suit that does not fit. Far too many men wander the streets of London in a shirt that is simply too big or too small for their arms. Knowing how to measure your shirt sleeve length is a vital part of being a gentleman. Here we will explain the correct way to measure your sleeve length.

The distance on your shirt sleeve length should be measured from the back of your neck and come all the way down your arm. It’s important to remember that the shirt length should not drown your arm but sit just at the bottom of your wrist and past the suit jacket length.


Accessorising With A Suit

Suit Trouser Length

One of the world’s greatest tragedies is suit trousers that don’t fit. Having stacked bottoms on suit trousers just isn’t cool and it’s often a critical mistake made by men. Please, for the sake of our sanity, take the time to read this part on how your suit trousers should fit.

Your trouser size is made up of your waist and inside leg measurements. Just as you’ll see on your jeans, your suit trousers will be made up of the same suit measurements, i.e 32R. The easiest way to get your trousers measured is to either go to a tailor or try on a variety of sizes in store.

How your trousers sit on your shoe is a key element to your suit. Too short and you can look like you can’t dress, too long, and you can look like you’re turning up to a court date. So, to avoid that, you’ll want to have your trousers sit slightly on your shoe, and this is called the ‘break’. You’re going to want to have what’s called a quarter break, meaning that the back of your trousers sit slightly down the back of your shoe, with the front of your trousers hovering over your laces.

A Quick Guide to Suit Sizing

  • Jacket. Make sure it fits properly. Measure your chest and sleeve length in order to get a better understanding of how your suit should fit. If you’re in doubt, take a look at a suit size chart.
  • Shirt. Ensure it fits you properly and doesn’t drown your body. The sleeve length should come just past your blazer and should not drown your cuff
  • Trousers. Measure your trousers by your waist size and leg length and under no circumstances should there be stacked bottoms.
  • Accessories. Jazz up your suit with a pocket square or a smart bag to add your own personal touch to the look.
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Men’s Grey Suit

On That Note

Knowing how a suit should fit is an absolute essential for every man around the globe. Your jacket should be measured from your chest all the way around your back, ensuring that the ‘X’ does not appear either. The sleeves should not come down past your wrist, making sure that they don’t drown your arms. The same goes for your shirt but the sleeve length should just come past your wrist. The trousers are as crucial as the blazer. You can measure your waist and inside leg length to get a better insight of how the trousers should fit. Don’t allow stacked bottoms to appear on your trousers and assure they aren’t too short either.

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