7 Styling Hacks That Can Fix Any Bad Haircut

by JJ
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So, you’re at to the barbers and he looks at you for your approval. You’ve had a quick glance in the mirror, to which you reply with “yeah”. The minute you get home you look in the mirror again, only to find an ugly haircut staring straight back at you. Although a bad barnet is about the worst thing for any guy, don’t panic- this isn’t the end of the world. For any grooming mishaps, we are here to provide some solutions and show you how to fix a bad haircut.

#1: Decide on the negatives

First and foremost, before you make any moves to alter your current trim, be specific on what it actually is that you don’t like about it. Whether the quality of the trim isn’t up to scratch, the styling is off or the barber got a little too happy with the trimmer, make sure you know exactly what is bugging you before making further decisions.

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#2: Revisit the barbers

At the end of the day, you have paid someone for a service! If you’re not happy, its always a good idea to go back and get it fixed. If you don’t feel confident enough to go back to the same guy, just ask another member of staff if they can help (preferably someone in charge or with more experience). Now you might be thinking that you’ve already had a bad haircut- so what haircut should I get? If your hair is still a mid to long length, it might be time to try out a shaved sides long top ‘do (and always a safe bet for bad male haircuts).  It’s not easy to go back to the barbers after having a bad haircut, but it will be beneficial if you ever decide to return again as the barbers will know not to make the same mistake twice (or we hope!).

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#3: Use products

This may sound obvious, but sometimes a product here and there doesn’t go amiss and can work wonders that you may not expect. Whether the hair looks flat, or not to your styling taste, styling wax or gel can sometimes be your saviour. Use the product to your advantage- if you have a smart style, use it to comb and slick your hair to your preference. Alternatively, you could use soft styling spray to add texture and rough to your hair, if thats to your liking.

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#4: Go shorter

If the cut is looking choppy and you have some room for manoeuvre, be bold and go a little shorter. It may not be the best option for you at the time, however some of the best looks come from being bold. For short men’s haircuts, find more inspiration below.

short haircuts for men


#5: Wear a hat

If your trim is horrific and you don’t have time to get it fixed, hats can be your best friend. A quick fix solution (obviously not too practical if you’re going to work or any formal event), but one that can mask your haircut until you get chance to find a longer term solution. Whether you rock a baseball cap, a bucket hat or a beanie, make the hat work for you and your style. Believe it or not, people might not even realise that your hiding a secret! See some of our looks below for inspiration.



#6: Be patient

Not always what people want to hear but sometimes waiting it out can be the best option. If your hair has been cut a little too short and you really cannot bear taking any more locks away, the waiting game is the one for you. At the rate of hair growth, your hair will be back to a decent length within a couple of weeks! Whilst in the mid phase of your hair growing, using styling products can help to make the haircut bearable- see some of our favourite looks below.


#7: Shave it off

If worst comes to worst and your messed up haircut is beyond salvageable, a buzzcut can always sort it out.Think of Tom Hardy in recent times- the rugged look never goes amiss.  Not a favourite style for everyone but always a fallback option in an ugly haircut emergency!

Tom Hardy

If you were panicking before, we hope that by the end of this article you at least feel more calm- sometimes the best styles can be born out of unexpected hair emergencies. Whatever your choice, make it work for you and don’t worry- it will grow back! Check out more great mens haircuts over on the blog, we’ve got everything covered from braids to crew cuts.

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