7 Amazing Tips To Get Rid Of Grey Hair

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There’s no shame in going grey, or even already being grey, in fact, more and more men are embracing it nowadays; be proud of your hair! But, if you aren’t too keen on that, there are ways to naturally reverse the process of going grey, but it isn’t going to provide results overnight. Whether you’re finding that you’re going grew young, fortunately not me yet, or you’re an older gentleman reading this, there’s always to time to start the reversal process.

Going grey is a combination of three factors: our genes, lifestyle and our environment. Unfortunately, while the first one is out of your control, the other two can actually be addressed to counteract the greying process. Given the age at which my Dad went grey, things aren’t looking up for me. With a combination of home-remedies and cosmetic products, you’re sure to find something in the following list that suits you.

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1. Control GX Shampoo

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Out of all the options that I’m going to suggest, this is probably the most convenient and easiest to implement into your routine. Everyone showers, well I hope you do, and more or less all guys use shampoo, so this will be easy to get to grips with. Control GX Shampoo is a convenient product designed to gradually reduce the grey in your hair; not all at once though, so it’ll provide you with a natural look. Dubbed as being ‘The first shampoo with a brain’, this product works by depositing a unique blend of air-activated molecules, which are broken down when massaged into your hair, that are deposited in your hair every time you use it. The great thing about this product is it allows the user to customise the degree of grey based on how much the product is used. Simply work this into your routine and you’ll begin to see results with repeat use. You can continue to use regular hair products with Control GX Shampoo, here’s a couple I recommend. Buy It Here

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2. Coconut Oil

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Onto some of the more natural, homemade remedies for greying hair: coconut oil. Some people, my Mum included, swear by coconut oil, so here it goes. Coconut oil can be used to treat a variety of hair-related issues, including dandruff and balding; as well as greying hair. The capric and caprylic acids found in coconut oil act as a mini army of anti-oxidants and disinfectants, whilst it’s combination of vitamins B & C, and phosphorous, help to treat the causes of grey hair. The best way to apply the coconut oil would be to either apply it directly to your hair or to mix it into your shampoo, then leave it to sit for 15-30 minutes. Or, a bit more lady-like, wrap your hair in a towel and leave it on overnight for a more intense treatment.




3. Shave It Off

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Okay, I know this seems like a weird and wacky one, but hear me out a minute. Shaving your head is sure-fire way to get rid of any grey hair, as well as balding hair, but it isn’t going to a fix for everyone. It takes a lot of confidence and a certain look to pull off the buzzcut, but it will save you  It does take a lot to pluck up the courage to do so, but it’ll prevent you worrying about the greying process, which will inevitably make you even more grey, and it’ll save you from any of the tips that have been mentioned in the list.

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4. Eating The Right Thing

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Eating well doesn’t only do your body the world of good physically, but it makes you feel good mentally, which is as important as things look on the outside. Grey hair is caused by a build of hydrogen peroxide, which is produced naturally by the body, in our hair follicles. So, by including more fruits and vegetables that are packed with anti-oxidants in our diets, specifically seasonal and local food as it is fresher and more nutritious, we can slow down, in some cases even reverse, the greying process.

As you get older your body produces less catalase, which is a powerful anti-oxidant that helps to convert hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen. With our bodies producing less catalase it means it isn’t fighting off the build up of peroxide as efficiently, so by consuming a handful of almonds a day you can prevent your hair from going grey for a long time. In addition, almonds are full of Vitamin E which is essential to maintain healthy skin; two birds with one stone – healthy skin and non-grey hair.

5. Check Your B12 Levels


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B12 is commonly known as the energy vitamin as the symptoms of deficiency include extreme tiredness, lack of energy and mood swings, as well as turning your hair grey prematurely. We do recommend if you have any of those symptoms that a trip to your GP for a blood test is worthwhile in getting to the root of it as the symptoms are synonymous with other health-related problems. No matter what diet you’re on, or what eating habits you pertain to (veggie, vegan, pescatarian or meat-eater) you should make sure you’re levels of B12 are where they should be. On the plus-side, if you think you are B12 deficient then a simple injection or supplement will have you back on track. Browse a range of B12 supplements from Holland & Barrett.

6. Amla – The Hair Superfood


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Amla, commonly known as Indian gooseberry,  is essentially a super food much like hemp seeds, maca powder and cacao, but more suitable for your hair. Amla is full of vitamins, minerals, phyto-nutrients and anti-oxidants, which help to strengthen hair follicles and flush out the toxins responsible for greying hair; also, it does an excellent job of renewing pigmentation, as well as making hair darker and thicker. Amla can be consumed in its raw fruit form or by ingesting a supplement, or you can pulse it and apply it directly to your hair. That might sound a little messy but you’ve got to be committed to reverse the greying..


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7. Professional Dyeing

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Professional dyeing is a simple solution that is considered to be costly and time consuming, but it’s actually a very fast process. Whilst it may seem like a pain to go out of your way to get your hair professionally dyed, and your partner is beckoning to do a DIY try on it, it is worth putting your hair in the hands of the experts. You’d be surprised with how many men are doing so but not divulging that information. It takes a short amount of time to do and it won’t leave you looking like you’re wearing a wig – Au Natural, or something. Have no fear either, your hair is dyed in a wash basin so it’ll just look like you’re getting your hair washed, so don’t be worried about what other patrons will think.

Lazy Reader or Quick Skim?

  • Control GX Shampoo – A grey-reducing shampoo that is designed to gradually get rid of any grey hair.
  • Coconut Oil – massage that good stuff into your hair.
  • Shave it off – It’s as easy as it sounds if you can muster up the courage to do so.
  • Eating a variety of fruit and vegetables. Almonds too!
  • Making sure you’re vitamins are all in tip-top order. Whether you’re supplementing your diet, make sure you are consuming a nutrient dense diet – particularly B12, which can cause your hair to grey prematurely.
  • Amla, commonly known as an Indian gooseberry, is a powerhouse of nutrients. It helps to strengthen your hair follicles and reverse the greying process.
  • Professional Dyeing – A quick process that’ll provide you with quick results. It might be expensive and require maintenance.

On That Note

Grey is definitely hit-and-miss depending on who you are, or whether you feel confident rocking it! If you aren’t feeling like Piers Brosnan or George Clooney, then hopefully there’s something in the aforementioned list that can help you out, whether it be a natural solution or a hair product like Control GX Shampoo. With the natural methods in this list, don’t expect overnight results, be patient throughout the process. It’s also worth mentioning that you continue to use products that work for your hair type, as always a regular trip to the barbers to get those ends trimmed up and keep your hair healthy despite being a silver-fox.

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