6 Ways To Fund The Trip of a Lifetime

by Jamie Wilson

Reviewed & updated: October 19, 2022 by Jamie Wilson BA

Do you dream of jetting off to the sandy shores of the Maldives or going on a safari in the wilds of Africa? If so, then planning this adventure might seem out of reach if your budget can’t immediately stretch to it. However, this type of holiday can be a little easier to book with these convenient finance options. Take a look at some of the ways you could go on an experience of a lifetime sooner than you think:

Borrow money from family

If you’re looking to realise your dream, then your family might be able to help you out. Of course, you’ll pay them back when you return, but it can be a low-cost way of borrowing the cash for the short term. Families are often able to help out of they can, and if this is something you’ve always dreamed about, then they are often more than likely to lend you the cash.

Get a loan

If you spot a great deal and want to make the most of it rather than waiting, then getting a loan could be a handy option for you. There is a selection of long-term and short-term instant loans available depending on your circumstances, and each can help you start planning your trip as the money is transferred quickly.

Become a housesitter

Housesitting is rising in popularity and is now a valid option if you’re looking for affordable getaways. The accommodation or locations on offer may be slightly limited as it is dependent on other’s needs. However, it can be a great way to travel for a few weeks or months and stay in comfortable accommodation which feels like a home from home.

Work while you’re away

If you’re planning a more extended trip away, why not consider working during your travel. Taking the odd job on your travels means you’ll have more spending money while you’re away, and it gives you options to move locations and explore different places with ease. You may have to consider a working visa for the chosen destinations to make sure you’re covered.

Use a credit card

Credit cards can be a handy way to book accommodation and flights, especially if you’ve just decided on a spontaneous trip. Many banks and finance providers offer purchases and balance transfer deals so you can take advantage of 0% when booking. You can compare deals on sites such as MoneySavingExpert.com to see the best rates. This type of finance also gives you the opportunity to pay back in instalments and the quicker you can pay it off, the less interest you’ll get charged.

Payment plans

If you’re booking a year in advance, you may have the option to use a payment plan by the holiday provider to secure your booking. These typically require a deposit, but then you can pay the holiday off in manageable blocks to make it affordable. Many providers offer this service, and it could be an excellent way to finance a trip of a lifetime if you’re looking to plan some time in advance.

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