6 Pairs of Grown-Up Sneakers for This Spring

by Jamie Wilson
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Reviewed & updated: October 19, 2022 by Jamie Wilson BA

With spring just around the corner you might be thinking about adding some brand new sneakers to your wardrobe which are more suited for the warmer weather. With a lot of the options on the market at the  moment being very statement and brave, we’ve rounded up our favourite grown-up looking kicks right here. 

Sneakers are arguably the most important part of an outfit, and every man should own at least a few pairs as part of their wardrobe. With the warmer months nearly upon us, you’ll likely find yourself ditching your boots and other heavier footwear options in favour of a lightweight pair of sneakers. The issue with this type of footwear however is that it can often look too casual and can prove hard to match with outfits on the smarter side of things. Thankfully, we’ve rounded up our favourite six “grown-up” sneakers that can be matched with both casual and smart outfits equally as well.

Clarks Originals Trigenic Flex Trainer

Clarks are known first and foremost for their smarter shoe styles, such as the Wallabee boot and their take on the Desert Boot style. However, unbeknown to some, they also make great sneaker-style silhouettes. In our opinion, the best of these has to be the Trigenic Flex Trainer. It’s a lightweight and modern looking silhouette featuring an extremely comfy sole unit and still utilising classic Clarks features such as the iconic hang tag. It comes in a wide variety of options regarding materials and colourways and is surprisingly affordable too.


Veja V-10 Sneaker

Fresh out of Paris, Veja are the hottest sneaker brand to have come out of France in a long time. Their ethos is to create environmentally friendly and long lasting footwear. They create a whole range of silhouettes for both men and women, and also offer entirely vegan shoes for those who are that way inclined. For the affordable price that they retail at, Veja sneakers are incredible value for money and sure won’t let you down. If you’re thinking about grabbing a pair for the summer, we can tell you now not to hesitate.

Buy the Veja V-10 Sneaker at Veja.

Karhu Fusion 2.0 Trainer

Karhu are a Finnish heritage sports brand, and their name translates to simply “bear”. They’re renowned for creating rugged yet stylish sneaker silhouettes that really stand the test of time. The Fusion 2.0 is arguably their most successful silhouette to date and has recently been favoured by many sneakerheads around the globe. It’s offered in a range of different colourways and has even seen a few limited edition releases over the years. 

Visvim FBT Sneakers

Visvim sneakers are probably the ultimate classy trainer to have ever released. They’ve been favoured by streetwear fans and sneakerheads alike for years, and just ooze a real sense of maturity and style. Notable celebrities such as Kanye West are known to be huge fans of the Visvim FBT, and despite their high retail price, they’re worth every penny. What you’ll receive in return for your money is a handcrafted sneaker of immeasurable quality. If you’re in any doubt at all, we advise that you head out to try a pair on as soon as possible and we can guarantee you’ll be impressed.

Asics Gel-Lyte V

If you haven’t caught wind of Asics yet, you really have some catching up to do. They’re the hottest thing to come out of Japan since Asahi lager, so much so that the two Japanese legends even collaborated on a sneaker once. They provide a whole plethora of different silhouettes available in different shapes and colours and are regarded as some of the comfiest sneakers on the market. They’re highly favoured by sneakerheads and have been the subject of many collaborations with prestigious brands such as Patta.

ETQ Amsterdam Low 1

Not to be confused with the highly popular adidas range titled EQT, ETQ Amsterdam are currently pioneering original footwear designs coming out of Holland. They’re known for their simple yet effective look and are easily matched with outfits, ranging from as casual as can be to smarter fits. For the price you pay, you’ll receive a hell of a lot of sneaker that’s guaranteed to last you many years. Thankfully, the brand is now easily obtainable in the UK and is stocked in a number of major retailers, so if you have the chance to try a pair we’d highly recommend doing so.

On That Note

If you’re looking for a new pair of sneakers this spring, maybe hesitate from choosing what you’d usually go for and try your luck with something different. If you go for anything on this list we know for a fact that you won’t be disappointed. All the options listed here are also very versatile sneakers and can be worn with a whole manner of different outfits. Like we’ve said throughout this article, many of the options here are available at retail spaces including our own, so the least you could do is go and try a pair on.

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Pairs of Grown-Up Sneakers for This Spring
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Pairs of Grown-Up Sneakers for This Spring
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