5 Tips to Help You Tackle Hair Loss

by Jamie Wilson
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Hair loss affects a lot of men – in fact, it’s something experienced by roughly two thirds of men by the time that they’ve reached their mid 30s. It’s no trivial matter either, as it can really take its toll on your sense of confidence, appearance and self-esteem, not to mention making you look far older than you actually are.

So, how can you tackle hair loss and avoid balding? There are all kinds of solutions out there, from potions that promise to restoring a full, thick head of hair, to more unconventional options. Read on to cut through the myths and find out a few tips that have been proven to help.

Tackle sources of stress in your life

Tips to Help You Tackle Hair Loss
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A lot of the time, hair loss isn’t caused by some factor on the outside of life, but is a direct consequence of what is taking place within you. Stress is one of those hidden causes that can show up in your body in all kinds of ways, and hair loss is one of them.

This is because stress can affect the production of hormones in your body, leading to an increase in the presence of something called cortisol. When it’s present in your body over a regular and prolonged period, it signals hair follicles to shift from a growth phase to a transition phase, causing hair to fall out.

This doesn’t mean that the odd late deadline or traffic jam is going to cause your hair to disappear overnight. However, if you’re feeling stressed in your life over a long-term period, then it might be time to take a closer look at these areas first, and your hair loss might resolve itself as you become happier and more relaxed.

Tips to Help You Tackle Hair Loss
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Check your bedtime

Another factor that can contribute to hair loss is fatigue and poor sleep. If you’ve been having sleepless nights for a while, then you might have noticed a drop in the condition of your hair, as well as your skin and overall wellness levels.

Taking steps to improve sleep, such as setting a regular time to head to bed, avoiding stimulants later in the day and cutting out technical distractions can help your body get the rest it really needs.

Review your medication

Tips to Help You Tackle Hair Loss
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If you’re on regular medication or have started something new, then hair loss might be a side effect you’re experiencing as a result of it.

Chemotherapy is one of the most well known forms of medical treatment that can cause severe hair loss, but a lot of regular medications for lesser illnesses can also have this impact, including antidepressants and cholesterol-lowering drugs.

If you’re experiencing hair loss after starting a new prescription, make sure you continue taking it, and don’t stop without medical advice from your doctor. The good news is that most medication-related hair loss is reversible, and often recovers naturally once you’ve completed your course of medication. If you’re concerned though, it’s always worth having a chat with your doctor.

Take a closer look at your diet

As the old saying goes, you are what you eat, and that goes for your hair as well as the rest of you. While most people know that a healthy diet is essential to stay in shape, having the right balance of nutrients in your food is also important for healthy skin, teeth and hair.

One of the most important components that you need in your diet to ensure healthy hair is protein, so make sure that you have a good mixture of high protein sources in your meal plan. Iron is also essential, and a deficiency in the mineral can often result in hair loss, so try to include regular sources of iron to keep your hair in the best condition.

Consider hair loss treatment
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Consider hair loss treatment

If you’ve looked at your everyday life and know that you’re doing the best that you can for yourself but still experience hair loss issues, then it might be time to take a look at professional help.

Dr Ekrem Civas is one of the leading experts in hair restoration services, and if you’re thinking of trying hair transplants, then this might be a great port of call.

If you’re not ready for this yet, there are other options to check out too, including specialist shampoos that are designed to help promote more natural hair growth, or other treatments that are designed to help stimulate your scalp.

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