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5 Things Women Tell Their Friends About You

by Jamie Wilson
Things Women Tell Their Friends About You

It’s a simple fact that there are certain things women tell their friends about you, so read on to find out exactly what is we like to spill.

Things Women Tell Their Friends

Sorry guys, but the rumours are true: we women really do gossip about everything, and no secret is kept safe with us. Whether you’re only at the ‘seeing’ stage of a relationship or you’re happily married, there are some things which are never kept within the walls of trust. So, have you ever actually wondered what things women tell their friends about you? Well, you’re in luck. We’re about to let you men into the secrets behind oversharing.

Your Personality

Your personality is the first of the things girls tell their friends about you. From the second you meet her, she will begin the process of disclosing her opinions and thoughts about you to her nearest and dearest, but for what? What do women want to achieve from this? A lot, as it goes. The opinions of her friends are the ones that count the most. They’ve seen that girl through all of her most glamorous and most grotesque moments; they have seen her both happy and hysterical; they know her inside out. This means they are the first people who are able to pass an honest judgment going off the first impressions that you give. You don’t think first impressions count for a girl? Well, they do, and they count for all her friends too.

If you’re one of those men who sit there and ask yourself ‘what do women say about me?’, we’re about to let you know. It will start with the way you snuck into her life. Did you slide into her DMs? Did you bump into her in a supermarket or the gym? What were the first words you spoke to her? It all counts, and it’ll all be shared. If you asked her on a date, her friends will know how you did it, and trust us when we tell you they will overthink and depict every syllable you uttered. Did he mean a casual drink or a date drink? We’ve heard it all. This means that you need to be on your A-game every time you ask a girl out, because who want’s to be the bad guy in front of the friends?

If you’ve been with your girl for a while, we’re sad to say that she will stop telling her friends the good things about your personality. Instead, she will only really talk to them when you piss her off. It’s the sad truth, but at some point in a relationship you have to get comfortable, right? If this is the case, try not to take it personally when her friends are a little stand-offish. Your friends would have you back, so naturally, they’re going to have hers.

Your Text Messages

We know, it’s bad, but not even your text messages are sacred. Whenever you send a text that might be slightly argumentative or suggestive etc, 79% of the time the first thing your girl is going to do is forward it straight into the girls’ group chat. It’s almost like a right of passage for a guy’s messages to feature as the group chat topic, so please don’t be too offended by this. When something questionable is said, girls have each others’ back, so they need to pass the messages on in order to gain A-class advice. It’s just the way it is.

With this being said (and the same rule applies to girls), you should be careful what you share before with a girl before you know her well enough. You might think you know her, but if you don’t know her friends, you can’t trust that the content of your messages won’t be shared further than the group chat. You know what we’re getting at here – say no more.

Things Women Tell Their Friends
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Your Body

We know, it’s not ideal, but all women discuss their man’s body to their friends at some point and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it. It’s not so much a ‘discuss and compare’ situation, more just oversharing, because oversharing is what women do best.

There are different levels of talking about our man’s body to our friends, and these come hand-in-hand with the length of the relationship. For example, if it’s a new relationship, she will probably tell her friends everything from the size of your… feet to the six-pack situation (if applicable). However, if you’re married, she’ll probably only discuss the increasing size of the beer belly – sorry. Much like discussing your personality, the type of conversation she shares with her friends as she becomes more comfortable with you will gradually get duller the longer you have been together.

We’re sure women aren’t alone in discussing their other half’s body, so if you are finding yourself saying or thinking more negative things than positive, why not suggest doing some couple workouts? Go for walks, jogs or even start some gym sessions together. Teamwork makes the dream work, after all.

Your Dress Sense

Whether girls admit it or not, the way you dress is always going to be a topic of conversation amongst her and her friends. Have you ever heard that women first judge a man by his shoes? Well, this is true, but it’s not just the shoes… it’s everything. An outfit speaks volumes about a person (male or female). You can tell so much about somebody just by the way they dress and the outfit they pull together.

If you’re unsure on what the best look to go on a date is, you should always try and stick to the safest outfit of black slim fit jeans, a clean shirt (or T-shirt, if it’s a casual date) and a pair of loafers (or clean white trainers). This is a fail-safe and easy look to put together to eliminate all of that first date outfit stress. Plus, if you wear something simple, and understated yet stylish like this, there will be little to no room for her to project any judgments on you before you get the chance to mess it up for yourself. Joke.

Your Dress Sense
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Your Weird Habits

The weird little habits and quirks you did when you first met may have been cute back then, but after some length of time, the cuteness of those habits will deteriorate. Habits like leaving the toilet seat up and not putting your underwear in the wash basket (instead just next to it) were never cute to begin with. However, habits like hogging the duvet or doing a little snort when you laugh may have been once. Well, not anymore.

She may just bicker and moan at you for doing them, or, like most great women, she will turn straight to her friends and moan about it to them instead. There is nothing you can do about this, and honestly, wouldn’t you rather not get an earful anyway? Plus, the reason she speaks about them to her friends might be because she doesn’t want to hurt your feelings by bringing them up with you, which is actually a fairly nice gesture. Nonetheless, this works both ways, and if either you or she is picking up on some small, annoying habits, the best thing to do is talk about them. Compromise is everything, after all.

5 Things Women Tell Their Friends About You

  • Your personality is the first thing she will share with her friends. This means you need to bring your A-game from the go so that she only has good things to say.
  • Your texts are never safe with her. Just like guys, girls love to share screenshots in their group chats too.
  • Your body will always be a hot topic amongst her friends. However, the longer you’re together the duller this conversation will become.
  • The way you dress speaks volumes, and fashion sense will always be something to discuss. If you’re unsure of what to wear, go for our fail-safe date outfit.
  • Small and annoying habits may have been cute once, but they’re not anymore. If you find yourself picking up on these things about each other, you should always discuss it in a civil manner.
Things Women Tell Their Friends About You
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On That Note

There are many things women discuss with their friends about men, from talking about what is marriage material and what isn’t, and which guys that they should stick around for. Men will never understand women, it’s true, so if you’re reading this to suss out what women want in a man, you’re not in luck. You can, however, take the above pointers to make sure that your girl has nothing bad to say about you to her friends. So, in a way, you’re welcome. 

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