5 Things to Consider When Dressing for a Night out with the Lads

by Jamie Wilson
Things to Consider When Dressing for a Night out with the Lads

Reviewed & updated: October 19, 2022 by Jamie Wilson BA

Hitting the town but tired of wearing the same long sleeved denim shirt or printed tee? Here’s 5 thing to consider when dressing for a night out with the lads. 

So its Friday night and after a week of flogging it in the office, you are buzzing for a night out. Whether you are having a cheeky pint down the pub or preparing for a ‘mad one’ dressing to impress is the way you want to do it.

However you don’t want to spend too long on choosing your outfit, time is money and you want to look good with out tearing your wardrobe apart. Therefore, you do need to consider a few things as wearing bad clobber can definitely put a downer on your night.

Things to Consider When Dressing for a Night out with the Lads
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1. Your Mates

Banter is always a crucial feature of a night out, and of course you don’t want it solely revolving round you. I know you only wore those sandals once, but from here on now, you will be forever known as Jesus.

There are many more banter triggers when it comes to clothing, so make sure you reconsider the following:

  • Bowler hats: The classic ‘you look like the 4th member of the blues brothers’ has been heard echoing around British pubs for a few years now. Hats are cool, but should be worn with care, especially round ‘Gaz’ after he’s had a few jaegers. Don’t make that mistake again as you don’t want your hat to double up as a Frisbee.
  • Oddly paired colour combinations: A neon green top with beige chinos? Come on man, don’t be an idiot. Don’t get me wrong; it’s great to stand out, as no one wants to look like they bulk buy at River Island. However, subtlety is the key ingredient, and your mates will be the first to tell you that your outfit is as subtle as a gun.
  • Denim on Denim: Enough said: avoid at all costs. You are not a middle-aged top gear presenter. If you were then you wouldn’t be drinking a £4 pound beverage. Your mates will pick up on your fashion faux pas, and the banter will just keep on coming. You do not want to be the subject of hilarity.
Your Mates
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2. Location, Location, Location

You may look top notch in a three-piece suit, but that isn’t really pub attire. Location is so important when you are putting your outfit together. There’s nothing worse than looking and feeling out of place.

  • Smart Casual: This phrase has confused many a man over the years and no one really knows how to expand on it. To put it simply: wear what you normally wear, but a touch more fancy. For example, swap those trainers for some suede shoes and you will be the definition of smart/casual.
  • Weather: Use your common sense; if it’s in the midst of a bleak mid winter bring a coat. Unfortunately, the UK’s weather is unpredictable so it’s important to be one step ahead. However, if you are worried about being dragged down by excess luggage, don’t be! There is a coatroom for that.
Smart Casual
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3. Booze

When you are out on the town, it is natural for us to lose our general finesse. In other words, booze turns us into clumsy sods. If you’re going on a mad one, your outfit needs to prepared for the inevitable drink spillage. So it is important to avoid the following:

  • White t-shirts/shirts: If you are going to an establishment that serves any alcohol, avoid the colour white at all costs. Unless you have ninja like reflexes, or like that weird tie-dye look, go for something darker. Snakebite is the worst offender when it comes to spillage.
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4. The Female Population

There is nothing worse than being approached by a guy with ridiculous clothing. Why ruin your chances before you’ve even started a conversation? There are numerous items you should avoid, so not to be given the cold shoulder

  • Obscene T-shirts: Nothing screams romance more than crude clothing. Unless you hide in the shadows for the whole night (which is arguably not that fun), take off the t-shirt. It may win you ‘banter points’ with your mates, but unfortunately that is the only thing you will win. Think classy.
  • Unflattering fashion: This is the most important point to consider when chatting to the ladies. Dress your best. If it’s baggy, smells a bit weird, or has a greyish tinge, leave it at home. You are a smart sophisticated man, and need a style to match that. Go for a tailored shirt and you will most definitely be onto a winner. Also avoid low-slung trousers. You’re not P-Diddy.
The Female Population
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5. Night-Club Dress Codes

There is nothing worse than being rejected from a club because you aren’t in the correct attire. Without trying to sound too much like your Mum, it is better to be safe than sorry, as Bouncers aren’t always the most understanding of people.

In order to dress the part, put on your smart shoes, and take off that ‘ironic’ t-shirt. You don’t want to be left out in the cold. Smart doesn’t necessarily mean city banker. You can turn any outfit around if you just include a few key pieces. Sorted.

Night-Club Dress Codes
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