5 Summer Staples You Can Always Rely On

by Jamie Wilson
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Reviewed & updated: October 19, 2022 by Jamie Wilson BA

Staying on top of the season’s top trends can be tricky. One minute it’s all about florals and the next minute they’re nowhere to be seen. Fortunately, there’s these nifty things call wardrobe staples to help get around all that. You’ve probably heard us bang on about them before and there’s a reason for that.

By their very nature, staples provide a solid foundation upon which you can build the rest of your wardrobe. Essentially, they’re timeless pieces that have been around for years, always look good and will guarantee to serve you well on myriad occasions – no matter what time of year. Today, the focus is on five summer staples that we believe are essential for any guy’s warm weather wardrobe.

Breton Stripe T-shirt

The Breton stripe T-shirt has been a summer go-to for decades. Famously sported by the likes of James Dean, Picasso and Andy Warhol among others, this easy-to-wear staple has seen various tweaks, but ultimately the navy and blue iteration reigns supreme. We say go full on nautical and team it with a pair of slim fit white jeans and some navy boat shoes for a cool and elegant holiday ensemble. If you don’t have at least a few striped tees in your wardrobe we’d suggest stocking up on these essential items, they’re not likely to go out of style anytime soon.

Blue Oxford Shirt

Although not exclusively a summer staple, the light blue Oxford button-down shirt provides ample versatility when the mercury rises. Whether you decide to wear it undone over a grey crew neck tee or button it up to the top, it’s one of those classics that we can’t praise enough. Try partnering with navy tailored shorts and white canvas plimsolls for a fail-safe smart casual fit, perfect for a number of scenarios. If blue isn’t your thing either don’t panic – there’s plenty of other options out there.

Tortoise Shell Wayfarer Sunglasses

Like the Breton stripe T-shirt, wayfarer shape sunglasses have had their fair share of support over the years by musicians and actors alike. Although Ray-Ban are perhaps most famous for bringing the shape to the mainstream, loads of other brands have got involved with the action, too. While black is classic, we feel tortoiseshell is perfect for the summer and a perfect addition to any rig. Sunglasses are simply the best summer accessory you can have in your wardrobe, not to mention the fact that you’ll probably need them unless you want to be squinting all the time. Many men forget that accessories are necessary, however of course, we know that no outfit is perfect without these added touches.

Boat Shoes

Continuing the nautical theme is the trusty boat shoe. This ageless footwear style is synonymous with warm weather and easy to throw on – without socks – with pretty much anything. Whether you prefer the rugged or streamline look, Timberland is a good place to start. It’s also worth a mention that boat shoes are one of the comfiest options for you feet out there, and the last thing you want in the summer is to be wearing heavyweight shoes.

Beige Chinos

Us guys spend the majority of the year wearing jeans, so when the sun comes out and the temperature rises we’re often left looking for a lightweight alternative. This is where chinos come into their own, and a slim fit beige pair are about as classic as they get. Sure, they might conjure images of dads on golf courses, but if you roll them up to the ankle and throw on a pair of canvas sneakers they’ll look ace, while being a worthwhile addition to your wardrobe.

5 Summer Staples You Can Always Rely On

  • Striped T-shirts are pretty much the holy grail when it comes to summer attire.
  • Oxford shirts are versatile and comfortable for the warmer weather, make sure you have a few in your rotation.
  • A decent pair of sunglasses is the everlasting summer accessory. Add that extra touch to an already good outfit.
  • Boat shoes are lightweight, comfortable, and basically perfect for summer.
  • For those slightly colder days, a good pair of beige chinos such as Dickies 874’s will be perfect.

On That Note

Wardrobe staples are simply necessities. It’s no good owning hundreds of standout “flex” pieces of clothing if you don’t have the basics to back them up. Plain and simple basics are needed to form the groundworks of what can then make an amazing and eye-catching outfit. If you don’t have a solid arsenal of staples in your wardrobe, you’re doing it all wrong. Hopefully, after reading this guide, if you haven’t already got your basics sorted you now know where to start. With summer just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to update your wardrobe, and you’ll be surprised how cheaply it can be done.

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