5 CBD Skin-Care Products For Men in 2019

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Mens CBD Cosmetic Products

CBD is the hero ingredient of health and fitness domain but little did we know it will also be the rising star of beauty and skin care realm. With the increasing popularity of CBD, it is not limited to women skin care products but is now a common ingredient of men’s skin care products as well.

Initially, CBD products were designed solely for women but at present CBD skin care products are easily available for men to cater to their skin care needs. The CBD skin care products for men range from scented beard oils to shave creams, to colognes steeping up the grooming game for men. The article lists down one of the most trending and effective skin care products for men.

CBD Lotion 300mg • Scent Free CBD Topical Lotion

Medix Scent Free CBD Lotion

The Medix scent free CBD lotion is designed especially for men’s skin. It is formulated to quickly penetrate and absorb into the skin. The CBD cream is ideal for sensitive skin. It is also effective skin areas with pain. The CBD cream contains Hemp extracts along with various other natural ingredients to bring fast relief to the skin.

Bundle Face Oil Gua Sha Facial Roller

Gua Sha and Nourish Facial Oil

Gua Sha and Nourish Facial Oil, one of the most likable things you can do for your skin. Trust me, your skin will thank you for this product! The facial oil is effective breaking down tissue blockage and stagnation. For the face, it helps in reducing puffiness and improves blood flow. Two of the main ingredients of the facial oil are stones ( Jade and Rose Quartz) and Gua Sha.

Jade and Rose Quartz have their unique benefits. Jade encourages healing and ensures long life while Rose Quartz tends to improve the love for beauty in oneself and in others. On the other hand, Gua Sha has benefits which include:

  • Improved blood circulation and skin tone
  • Lymphatic drainage is improved
  • Puffiness and wrinkles of skin are reduced
  • Under eye dark circles are eliminated
  • Pore size is reduced


Hemp Infused Body Butter

Hemp Infused Body Butter

The hemp infused body butter is not just any ordinary body butter. The hemp infused body butter is rich in Vitamin A, C, and E, Nutrients, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids. The hemp body butter is ultra hydrating and works by stimulating the blood flow to make your skin look hydrated and glowy. The hemp infused body butter gets an extra edge by having a heavenly scent.

Mineral Maison

Mineral Maison

The Mineral Maison is a cooling balm which is designed to reduce muscle and skin inflammation. The rich cannabidiol and terpene blend works to help the sore muscles and revive the damaged skin. The Mineral Maison cooling balm contains rich ingredients such as hemp extract, sage and sandalwood, peppermint, coconut oil base, and Vitamin E.

Extra Strength Body Oil

Apothecanna Extra Strength Relieving Body Oil

The Apothecanna body oil is a fast-acting oil for pain relief. It is made with organic oils and anti-inflammatory plant extracts such as CBD, arnica, juniper and pappermint. It provides pain relief by cooling down the sore muscles, swollen joints, and irritated skin.

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