5 Best Smart Casual Menswear Combinations

by Jamie Wilson
Smart Casual Menswear Combinations

Reviewed & updated: October 19, 2022 by Jamie Wilson BA

Smart casual wear for men is about dressing-up stylishly but still feeling comfortable in your skin & your chosen outfit. Suits are ideal for men who need to dress-up, but what if we told you that you can make some less-formal pieces work from your wardrobe? Nowadays smart casual mens clothes are becoming more & more appreciated. If you are someone who wants to follow all the fashion trends but still look casual, you’ve come to the right place!

What Does Smart Casual Mean For A Man?

Usually, formal or smart casual wear requires several different formal pieces. If you’re wondering what you should be wearing for your business casual wear, think of:

  • A jacket such as a blazer
  • You can also go for flannels & cardigans
  • Pant-wise, you should wear chinos or straight-leg pants
  • Black skinny pants are allowed, as long as your upper body portion is well-fitted & dressed up
  • Go for a dress shirt with long or short sleeves
  • Incorporate a collar to your shirt
  • Go for some comfy loafers. Stay away from trainers or sandals.

What Is A Smart Casual Dress Code?

Smart casual dress code usually means wearing well-fitted, neat & appropriate pieces that are a bit less formal. Usually, these pieces can look amazing without you following certain dress codes. However, all of these pieces are business-casual and a lot less formal than the suit & blazer that you’d wear to your wedding. On the opposite side of the spectrum, they aren’t as casual as your typical trainers & T-shirts. Think of the perfect balance, that’s what smart casual is.

What is Smart Casual Dress For A Man? Top 10 Mens Smart Casual Fashion Outfits

1. Bomber Smart Casual Clothing For Men

Bomber Smart Casual Clothing For Men
@iam_os via Unsplash

Dressing casual is possible if you are fine with wearing either a bomber or a leather jacket. Men love this type of a look since it is versatile & easy to rock, no matter the event. You can pair up a stylish watch, pink shirt, and some comfy oxford shoes to complete the look. Women love this look since it is so effortless yet still fashionable & smart casual. You can wear it to your office when having lunch or dinner with your friends, as well as when going out on a weekend.

2. Smart Casual Attire With Turtleneck & Denim Jacket

Smart Casual Attire With Turtleneck & Denim Jacket
@Cesar La Rosa via Unsplash

If you are someone who does not like dress codes & you feel like you can create your own smart casual outfit go for this denim solution. A stylish turtleneck is sophisticated & formal enough, while the rest of the outfit is simple & laid-back. Throw on a pair of stylish sunglasses & some black shoes & you’ll be good to go to some less-business related events. Try to grab a beer with your friends in this outfit or enjoy the weekend night-out.

3. Business Casual Formal Brown Coat With White Shirt

Cesar La Rosa
@Serhiy Hipskyy via Unsplash

The best jackets to wear in the fall are usually thicker high-neck smart casual coats, as well as blazers. You can also wear a trench coat with your favorite white shoes & a pair of simple denim pants. Make sure the weather is not too cloudy since you wouldn’t want to ruin your sneakers. This casual look is usually worn by men in their twenties and is an often go-to if you are someone who loves to look stylish in their casual slim fit.

4. Smart Casual Menswear With Loafers & A Knitwear Cardigan

Smart Casual Menswear With Loafers & A Knitwear Cardigan
@Fares Hamouche via Unsplash

Your favorite T-shirt can be an amazing base for dressing-up a smart outft. Think of an all-white outfit & incorporate some straight-leg pants as well as loafers. If you need something to travel in & you want to still look stylish you will love this combo! Tie your favorite cardigan around your shoulders & don’t forget your favorite watch to complete the look. Men who love to dress-up stylishly everyday will love this outfit, and will easily make it work.

5. Smart Casual Attire With Dark Navy Shirt & Glasses

Smart Casual Attire With Dark Navy Shirt & Glasses
@Okay Bhargav via pexels

The easiest outfit which is smart casual for men is a simple polo shirt along with some nice white jeans. No reason to throw on a blazer on top + you can wear any shoes you own! This smart casual look is perfect for the spring since it has no sleeve or button action + it can even be worn with some simple shorts if needed! Make this your choice if you are someone who prefers minimal & smartcasual pieces.

6. Mens Smart Casual Look With Beige Blazer & Relaxed Shirt

Mens Smart Casual Look With Beige Blazer & Relaxed Shirt
@Muhammad Numan via Unsplash

If your workplace does not have a specific dress code but you want to express your style, go for this outfit. It is smart due to its thick blazer but is a lot more casual due to the informal shirt which is underneath. You could easily pull off a pair of converse with this outfit since the floral pattern allows you to play around with different brands, textures & casual pieces. Don’t forget to add some stylish sunglasses and you’ll love the vibe.

7. Modern Wool Smart Casual Mens Clothing With Turtleneck

Modern Wool Smart Casual Mens Clothing With Turtleneck

The perfect winter essential is a thicker twill coat, as well as a pair of boots. You can wear a bright turtleneck on top as well as some wide-leg trousers beneath. This outerwear screams winter, therefore make sure it is the right time & place to wear & style this outfit. Usually, this smart casual wear is perfect for the office, but it will also suit gentlemen who wish to stand out on some casual dates or night-outs.

8. Formal All White Smart Casual Outfit

Your smart casual outfit can look casual even if you end up going only for the white colour. This dress code will allow you to close the deals & will scream sophistication, no matter where you go! In order to tone it down a bit go for cotton & simple shirt underneath, as well as some stylish items such as a watch, a pair of glasses & comfy shoes. The look itself will ensure that you make a statement, no matter where you go.

9. Business Casual Trench Coat With Denim Slim Fit Shirt

Your favorite blue shirt will look beautiful with a casual trench coat on top. If you are someone who usually loves to avoid all-black & monochrome outfits; you will love this one. Try to incorporate a bit of color & shop for your new-favorite trench coat for this season! Men love to wear something as relaxed to night-outs, but also for comfy walks or interviews.

10. Dark Navy Coat For Smart Casual Style

If you are not afraid of colour make sure you”subscribe” to this look! Roll up your jeans & enjoy looking like a true business-man from 9-5! A stylish scarf is casual, while these derbies or some simple boots could bring back the business vibe to your outfit. You can read your newspaper, read an article, or simply enjoy living & enjoying your lifestyle knowing that you’ll make an impression no matter where you go! This look is for men who love bold outfits & who are all about some color in their day-to-day lives.

Can You Wear Jeans In Smart Casual Way?

Here’s the trick. Mens smart casual clothing can look classic & perfect once paired up the right way. In this case, we are here to tell you that yes, you can make jeans smart casual. However, here is the guide on how to do it:

  • Wear your jeans in one solid color. Make sure it is not washed out or covered in splashes of color.
  • Try to make your look a lot smarter by going for the right accessories. Think of some stylish bracelets, a watch, as well as some formal rings.
  • Take the attention away from your skinny jeans or too casual jeans by throwing on a stylish jumper on top. This will tie the whole look together and will change the vibe of your outfit.
  • Go for a polo shirt, tailored blazers, or a cardigan sweater. This way you will make your jeans a lot more smart looking.

On That Note

And there you have it! The right smart casual dress code which you will end up needing at one point in your life. As you can see, these outfits are universally beautiful & not that hard to create. Smart casual style is worn by people who need something fancy yet quick & easy to tie-together. Find your perfect blazer & a pair of shoes and consider wearing one out of our 10 different smart casual outfit options!

Feature image from Pexels

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