4 Ways to Pick Up Girls

by Jamie Wilson
Here's How To Successfully Pick Up Women

Reviewed & updated: October 19, 2022 by Jamie Wilson BA

It’s all very well having your eyes set on a girl, but how do you actually make the moves to get her on that very important first date? From text flirting tips to where the best places to do it are, learn how to pick up girls with our ultimate how to pick up girls guide.

Flirting Tips for Men

When it comes to the best flirting tips for guys, there are many do’s and don’ts that should be followed. For example, being cheesy simply isn’t attractive, but being overly cocky and confident isn’t either – finding the right balance between the two will give you the best success rate at flirting with a girl. So, if you’re looking to secure a first date, read on for the best subtle flirting tips for flirting with women.

How to Pick up Girls at a Bar

Picking up girls at the bar is the best way to do it. When you’re both in a fun, relaxed environment feeling your best, your chances of being successful are much higher. Have any of you seen the film Crazy Stupid Love? Well, here Ryan Gosling shows all you men exactly how it’s done. It starts with confidence and good timing and, if all goes to plan, ends with a number and a date.

When you’re at a bar, it’s going to be tricky to get a girl on her own. This means it will take a whole load of confidence to go up to her whilst she is with her friends. Before you do this, make sure she isn’t with any guys that look like they could be her boyfriend (or worse, husband). In fact, make sure you check for a ring as well. Once you have cleared these screening questions, you should go up to her and start a conversation, eventually offering to buy her a drink. If all goes well, she will come with you to the bar where you can ask her on a date without the pressure of her friends. Do you see how smooth this could be?

How to Pick Up Girls Without Looking Like an Idiot

How to Pick up Girls on Tinder

Right now, this is probably the most popular method of picking up girls. Knowing how to pick up girls online may seem like an easy task to tackle, however, what you don’t have to your advantage is the guys who actually get up there and are ballsy enough to do it in person. To overcome this, you have to make sure you stand out from the crowd of other like-minded screen warriors. Our best online flirting tips would be to start the conversation with something less generic than any other guy will come out with. For example, don’t say ‘hello, what’s up’, instead, read their bio and take a look at their interests so that you can make a comment that’s a bit more personal and likely to get an enthusiastic response.

Similarly, if you ever get to the text stage, do not send pick up lines! This is your one-way ticket out unless you are really charming (which we would have to see to believe). One-liners have always been and will always be the most cringe thing you can say to a girl. You may think you’re being sly and ‘cheeky’, but trust us when we say she will be sitting there wishing the ground would swallow her up. Don’t be that guy.

How to Pick up Girls at a Club

Let’s be serious here, if you’re looking for a long-term thing, it’s not likely that you’ll find your dream girl in a club. However, if you only have something short-term on your mind (slap on the wrist), clubs may be able to serve you well. Clubs are filled with drunk girls. This is both an advantage and a disadvantage. It’s an advantage because she will, obviously, be drunk, so talking to her will be a lot easier as her guard will be down. On the other hand, she’ll be drunk, so good luck.

Play it cool. This is the most important thing you have to remember. In fact, no. Don’t be creepy – that’s it. There are so many guys who hug the shadows and creep up on girls in clubs thinking that, somehow, that will be effective. It really isn’t, and all you’ll end up doing is scaring the poor girl away. If you want to know how to pick up girls at a party, it all starts with eye contact. Eye contact is the best way to determine whether a girl is interested in you or not. You can do this from near (not too near – creepy) or far, and if she keeps meeting your gaze, you’re probably safe to go in. No, please don’t dance over like Neil from The Inbetweeners. Instead, just walk over, like a normal person. Ask the girl if you can buy her a drink. You’ll either get turned away or she will be interested and go to the bar with you. If she does turn you away, leave it there. Do not go back and do not pester, she is fair game now.

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How to Pick up Girls at the Gym

The gym is the ultimate place to find like-minded women who are also into their fitness. It’s also the worst place for males preying on women who don’t actually want to be preyed on. If you’re considering picking up a girl at the gym, you’ll need to give it a lot of consideration beforehand, because if this goes wrong, you will look like an absolute fool. The first step is to not get her mid-workout. No female will ever appreciate this – it’s selfish. Instead, catch her on the way out of the gym and not around other people. If you speak to her on the way out, it will come across more respectful. Many girls like to know that men are just as interested in them when they’re dressed up as when they’re not, so chatting to a girl post-workout is a great way of gesturing that you see past all the look issues that other men might not be able to.

The next step is to ask her on a date. If you’ve met this girl in the gym, a place filled to the brim of testosterone, you need to at least act like a man and be ballsy enough to initiate the first date. This way, you can get her number without straight up asking ‘can I have your number’ which is far less attractive to a woman. Finally, respect that a gym is a place where she comes to workout. Don’t pester her and don’t tell your friends because they will most likely pester her too. It’s important that you give her space and allow her to feel comfortable when you’re there at the same time. Play your cards right and a few dates down the line you could be gym buddies.

On That Note

Picking up girls isn’t the easiest of tasks, but with these easy flirting tips, you should be one step closer to securing that first date. From knowing how to pick up girls with lines (which, in our opinion, should be avoided) to how to approach a girl you’ve been secretly eyeing up in the gym, this guide is here to aid all your chat-up woes.

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