4 Fashion Updates for Your Fall Wardrobe

by Jamie Wilson

Reviewed & updated: October 19, 2022 by Jamie Wilson BA

As the days get shorter and the temperatures get cooler, most people shift their wardrobe to encompass these changes. Fall is a favorite season for many, as it’s a time when the climate is more appealing and people often spend time outdoors participating in autumn activities. Whether you’re picking apples, taking the kids to a pumpkin patch, or cheering on your favorite football team, take a look at some of the fashion updates to make to your wardrobe for the fall.

The Button-Down Shirt

Image via Unsplash by seteph

A crisp button-down shirt pairs well with so many different options on the bottom, making it a staple for your fall wardrobe. This top can create a more professional look when paired with dress slacks or chinos, or you can dress it down with jeans and sneakers. A button-down shirt is also great for layering, as you can wear it beneath your favorite sweater or blazer. If you want to look a little more casual, don’t tuck your shirt into your pants and leave a button or two at the top undone.

Sweater Vests 

Sweater vests are coming back into fashion after a brief hiatus, although for some men, these staples never went out of style. Also known as a sleeveless waistcoat, the sweater vest is great for layering and staying warm in the cooler fall weather. You can style it in various ways, whether you want to create a professional look or keep it casual. Several top designers featured sweater vests in their lines for men’s fall fashion 2021. These styles included a modern floral vest, an oversized T-shirt worn under a sweater vest, and paired with loose-fitting trousers.

Denim Trends

Although denim has remained a fashion staple throughout the changing seasons, the style of denim has shifted slightly this fall. Slim-fit and tailored jeans seem to be on their way out, and they’ve been replaced with boot-cut and relaxed-fit styles. You might find that the relaxed fit is a bit more comfortable, especially if you’re used to wearing loose-fitting pants while spending more time at home over the last 18 months. Men are also rolling and pin-tucking their jeans, which only works when the pants aren’t too fitted around the ankles. 

Mid-to-light wash blue jeans have become more popular recently, replacing black and dark blue denim. You can also incorporate light-wash denim in your casual wardrobe, pairing it with a T-shirt or button-down.

Stylish Footwear

Your footwear can complement your look while keeping you comfortable on your feet. This fall, men’s footwear fashion includes more gender-neutral shoe options, including boots and casual sneakers. If your style includes more upscale apparel, you might want to add a pair of brogues to the rotation. These pair nicely with chinos, khakis, and dress pants. A semi-casual sneaker is another option that you can dress up or down, depending on the rest of your outfit. Try on a pair of leather sneakers to complete your look.

By adding a few staples to your fall wardrobe, you can layer and look stylish for any occasion. Fall is the perfect time to incorporate new pieces to help you look great and feel confident.

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