The 10 Best Swim Shorts You Need This Summer

by Jamie Wilson
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Reviewed & updated: October 19, 2022 by Jamie Wilson BA

With the holiday season upon us, there’s no better time for you to grab a pair of swim shorts to get your tan on. If you haven’t booked a summer holiday yet then read on; soon all this talk of sun, sea and swim shorts will have you on the first flight out.


Swimming Shorts

Our range of swim shorts caters to both the meek and the bold. We have block colour options for those who turn their noses up at loud prints and wacky florals and we have swim shorts that serve for those who love just that.

We know that men’s summer fashion when it’s hot mainly consists of swimming shorts and a T-shirt. Therefore, we have a wide selection that would work for the beach and also for casual wear. Take a look below for the best men’s swimwear.

Cool Swimming Shorts

These print swim shorts provide the perfect combination of subtlety and boldness. Even though they are patterned, they are not too ‘in your face’ and loud. If you would rather your shorts were not one, plain colour, but you also don’t want them to be ridiculously bright, these would be the perfect option for you.

Summer Style

As mentioned above, we know that sometimes men get a little lazy (or creative, depending on how you look at it) and turn to wearing swim shorts as casual day wear shorts instead. Now, there is nothing wrong with this IF you wear the right pair of shorts. If this is something you like to do, then choose wisely. We suggest you go for the plain coloured, subtle swim shorts and avoid the floral, loud, patterned ones.

Now that we have the swimming shorts covered, let’s talk about the rest of the outfit. If you’re going to wear swim shorts as casual day wear, then you should wear a T-shirt with them, too. If you want to wear a shirt, just put a normal pair of shorts on – there is no need to start mixing up the extremities of casual and formal wear. There is always a time and a place to wear swimming shorts casually. Make sure that you always check any dress codes so you don’t get caught out when you do this.

Depending on the shorts that you wear, you should wear a plain T-shirt that complements the style of them. A safe bet is to go for a white, grey or black T-shirt. There are plenty of high-quality basic T-shirts on the market that are great for wearing over the summer. Just bare in mind that sweat patches will show a lot on a grey T-shirt. Wear a pair of white low-top trainers and some sunnies to finish off the look.

Patterned Swim Shorts

These swimming shorts are bold and patterned, making them more of a statement piece than the plain coloured ones. These are great if you like loud shorts, but you aren’t a fan of the tropical print. Wear these on the beach or by a pool, but if you insist on wearing these out and about, match them with a plain black and white T-shirt and some plain coloured shoes (trainers or flip flops). The advantage to patterned swimming shorts is your friends are much less likely to loose you.

The Right Fit

It’s pretty important you make sure your swimming shorts are the right fit. Get a pair that suits your body shape – shorts that are too big or too small won’t look great, especially when you’re out in public.

If you’re really tall, it’s probably not a good idea to buy short shorts, as they will ride up much more than you bargained for. Equally, if you’re short, don’t buy long shorts that will go well below your knee. This is neither fashionable nor flattering. Balance is key.

Tropical Swim Shorts

Tropical, floral swim shorts are a summer classic, that are best worn on the beach. They are loud and very colourful, with lots of patterns going on. The three swimming shorts below are all boardies. They are made from a quick dry material, with an elasticated drawstring and a back velcro pockets as well as two side pockets. I’m not entirely sure what you’d use the pockets for in the sea, but there we go.

Be careful if you mix up your swim short brands on holiday. They will most likely be different lengths and we’re sure you wouldn’t want to get caught up with any dodgy tan lines.


No beach outfit is complete without a pair of sunglasses. If you’re wearing plain shorts, you can afford to wear some colourful, or patterned framed sunnies. If you like to wear tropical bright swim shorts, go for a classic black pair of sunglasses to make sure you don’t clash.

Best Swim Shorts This Summer

  • If you don’t like loud and colourful swim shorts, go for some plain coloured ones. These are also great for wearing casually, paired with a T-shirt and some trainers.
  • Patterned swim shorts and tropical swim shorts are great for the beach. They are bright and colourful- a great statement piece.
  • If you sit somewhere in the middle of liking plain shorts and tropical swim shorts, we have some subtle patterns that will accommodate you. These ones work well for fashionable pools and stylish holidays.

On That Note

No matter what swim shorts you go with, make sure they are an appropriate fit. Nobody wants to get too much of an eyeful of your business on holiday, however, swim shorts that are baggy are not a good look either. Find a happy medium, grab your sunnies, and enjoy the sunshine. Check out our new men’s swim trunks in the link below.

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