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10 Forgotten Nike Sneakers That Need a Re-Release

by Jamie Wilson
The Nike Air Epic Sneaker Is Back

Over the years, Nike have churned out hundreds of models you’ve probably never even heard of. Some of these we believe are absolute forgotten classics, and are more than worthy of a re-release. We’ve put together a guide of our ten favourite forgotten classics, read on to find out more. 

We’ve delved deep into the Nike archives to find the silhouettes that were left behind. But should all of these models simply be left to gather dust? We’ve hand-picked our favourite vintage Nike sneakers that we believe need a re-release. With the current “Dad Sneaker” trend at the height of fashion, we’re almost certain some of these could be groundbreaking retro releases.

10. Nike Air Walker Max

Nike Air Walker MaxYear of Release: 1988
Originally Launched At: Nike
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The Nike Air Walker Max is one of the oldest silhouettes we’ve included in this list. Even the most clued-up sneakerheads may not of been aware of its existence. It showcases features reminiscent of the ever popular Air Max 1 that released the previous year. A mid height ankle section is the most noticeable difference here, as well as a much simpler upper construction pattern. A few pairs are currently on eBay, but they’ll definitely cost you a pretty penny.

9. Nike Air Max 2003

Nike Air Max 2003Year of Release: 2003
Originally Launched At: Nike
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The Nike Air Max 2003 is constructed of a very simple upper, with only a few components. It wasn’t groundbreaking in terms of technology or new features, but it was just an all round great design. It also featured the fully visible air unit that the Air Max 97 made famous. We can’t help but feel that if this silhouette was re-released in a modern colourway, it would be an absolute banger. Maybe one day we’ll see an Air Max 2003 retro, but until now all we can do is wait patiently.

8. Nike Air Tuned Max

Nike Air Tuned Max

Year of Release: 1999
Originally Launched At: Nike
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The Nike Air Tuned Max is definitely an interesting design. It doesn’t feature the signature Nike Swoosh logo at all, which is very rare for an Air Max model. The sneaker recently saw some media limelight, with its colourway being the main inspiration for UK grime star Skepta’s recent Air Max 97. The re-introduction of the Air Tuned Max would be a guaranteed success in our opinion.

7. Nike Modular 98

Nike Modular 98

Year of Release: 2010
Originally Launched At: Nike
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These are so rare we actually struggled finding a half decent photo of them online. The Nike Modular 98 released very brifely in 2010, and is a hybrid model featuring distinct elements of both the Air Max BW and the Air Max Plus. Three colourways released – a blue/white black, a blue/black/yellow and a “neon” edition. You’ll have a hard time finding any of these online, simply because hardly any pairs were actually produced in comparison to modern production rates.

6. Nike Air Max 94

Nike Air Max 94Year of Release: 1994
Originally Launched At: Nike
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The 1994 addition to the Air Max series never did get as much recognition as its close siblings, the 93 and the 95. We’re unsure why, as personally we think it’s a great silhouette and would be extremely popular right now if it came back. The model did see a brief resurgence when Size? released two limited AM94 colourways in 2015, but since then it’s yet to make another appearance.

5. Nike Air Max Racer

Nike Air Max RacerYear of Release: 1995
Originally Launched At: Nike
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The Air Max Racer launched alongside the long-lasting classic Air Max 95, so it’s no surprise really that it was overshadowed and left in the archives. However, in our opinion it’s a solid design. The upper is reminiscent of Nike’s early running silhouettes, such as the Waffle Racer. The Air Unit is placed at the rear of the midsole and is very similar to the one used on the Air Max 93. This is one of the only Nike silhouettes to have never had a re-release, so maybe we can hope for one someday soon?

4. Nike Air Max TL 1998

Nike Air Max TL 1998Year of Release: 1998
Originally Launched At: Nike
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The Nike Air Max TL series is one that really doesn’t get talked about a lot. We’re not sure why, as we think they’re impressive silhouettes. The TL logo shares the same design as the Tn logo we all know and love, and can be found in the exact same place as it would be found on a Tn – the rear of the sneaker. Perhaps the Tn just always overshadowed the mighty TL series, probably the most likely conclusion.

3. Nike Air Max 120

Nike Air Max 120Year of Release: 1998
Originally Launched At: Nike
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Another 1998 release makes the list, and this time it’s in the form of the Air Max 120. Unlike other sneakers on this list, the 120 actually has a pretty cult following. The sneaker is highly regarded by collectors as the most underrated Air Max release of all time. A plethora of colourways were initially available, however the sunset orange (pictured) is easily the most iconic of the bunch. The model did actually get a brief re-release in 2015, but since then we’ve seen nothing.

2. Nike Air Max 360

Nike Air Max 360Year of Release: 2006
Originally Launched At: Nike
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The Air Max 360 is the second most recent silhouette on this list, launching initally in 2006. Much like the 120, the 360 also has a cult following. Sneakerheads are constantly trying to hunt down 360’s to add to their Nike collections. Several colourways launched back then and some of them are still iconic today. Air Max 360’s are fairly common on the resell market, and don’t command mega-high prices, so if you’re after a pair we’d advise picking them up now before they become even more vintage and rise in price.

1. Nike Air TL 2.5

nike air tl 2.5 OutsonsYear of Release: 2008
Originally Launched At: Nike
Buy Similar At: eBay

This TL release from 2008 seems to be somewhat a “ghost” release. Little to no information can be found relating to it online. However image searches return multiple colourways, and after scanning through pages of information, we can confirm it was indeed an official Nike release. The black/purple colourway (pictured) seems to be the most popular, however an OG Spiridon inspired colourway can also be found, and is just as aesthetically pleasing. There seems to be several pairs of these beauties floating around at the moment, and they aren’t crazy expensive either, so grab them while you can.

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