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10 Common First Tattoo Mistakes That Everybody Should Avoid

by Jamie Wilson
Common First Tattoo Mistakes That Everybody Should Avoid

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Not all tattoo mistakes are correctable or concealable. You must be cautious while getting the first tattoo. Here are the top ten most common tattoo blunders that most people avoid but later regret.

Read them to prevent your new ink from being a letdown. Consider the following common tattoo blunders before entering the tattoo studio.

  1.  Not Drawing Out The Tattoo First

Whatever you have in mind, you should always sketch it first. You never know how anything will physically appear until you do it. In addition, it provides your tattoo artist with a clearer picture of what you like to capture. You and the artist can create something you’re satisfied with if they offer their professional viewpoint.

  1.  Not Enough Research

Planning is likely the most crucial aspect of getting right. You are responsible for conducting research and making decisions that will impact the outcome of your tattoo. The artist and shop you select should have a solid reputation and online portfolios. If possible, you should also solicit references from friends and family.

Do not choose the closest tattoo parlor without careful consideration of the details. The same holds true for the artist you choose. Inspect and question every part of their website and social media presence.

If you’re looking forward to avoiding common tattoo mistakes, you should clearly understand it. If you have selected a tattoo from the Internet or want to copy it from someone or a magazine, you have to take a clear picture of it so you can show it to your artist. 

For this, it is recommended to use a scanner app. You can  find the button pdf scanner app download to get a clear photo of the tattoo, and you can show the photo to the tattoo designer. Appscan tool helps you scan and digitize all your tattoo photos. You can log in with your scanning ID.

  1.  Opting for the wrong size

Occasionally, when a tattoo is overly large, it might dwarf any surrounding tattoos. Occasionally, when something is too little, it lacks detail. Clearly, either too large or too little will not be desirable.

Always conduct a test with a tattoo stencil to prevent this issue from developing. Thus, you can choose which size fits you best.

  1.  Too much in the same place

If you have a complicated design, you may want to locate it all in one location. However, this will result in color blending. Some designs demand extensive area and intricate linings.

Even if the design looks superior on paper, it may not appear the same on the skin. You will want to fit in too much at the same location. However, your tattoo artist will caution you against doing so. The congested tattoo places are typically not aesthetically pleasing. To create a stunning tattoo, combine a large central motif with smaller details.

  1.  Wrong placement

You should know where you will get a tattoo and what kind of tattoo you will receive. The location of the tattoo has a substantial effect on the ink retention capacity. Some regions of the body cannot hold sufficient ink.

In addition, some individuals prefer their tattoos to be concealed, while others want them to be apparent. Consider whether you want a visible tattoo or a concealed one. Long-term, many people desire to build a sequence of tattoos; therefore, you should also consider this.

  1.  Poor after Care and No follow-ups

A competent tattoo artist knows that a freshly applied tattoo is identical to an old one. Therefore, they will always supply you with care instructions and, in certain instances, an ointment.

First-time tattoo recipients make the mistake of not following the aftercare instructions provided. This affects the appearance of the tattoo once it has completely healed. The tattoo may significantly fade or lose significant elements, thereby losing its significance.

  1.  Tattoo of your Lover

This is one of the most frequent tattoo mistakes made by young people. Avoid obtaining names and images of your loves as tattoos. When a breakup occurs, both parties seek cover-up tattoos from tattoo artists. Some go to drastic measures to eliminate them. Consider obtaining identical tattoo patterns instead of matching names or faces.

  1.  Budgeting Too Little

Tattoos are costly. In addition to paying for the ink, the artwork, and the artist’s time, it is customary to provide a hefty gratuity. Do not jeopardize the quality of your tattoo with a reputable artist due to the cost.

Tattoos are a significant financial commitment; if required, you should save until you can afford one. Getting a tattoo is typically not something you want to skimp on, especially if you have a complex design in mind.

  1.  Failing to Ask Questions

Ask any question you have, regardless of how trivial it may appear. If it helps to reduce your anxiety, it will be worthwhile. If the artist cannot confidently and specifically describe the ingredients in the tattoo ink they use, you may want to ask additional questions.

  1.  Not finding the right tattoo artist

Do not settle for an inferior tattoo artist. Numerous tattoo artists are available, but you must locate the greatest artist. Remember that not all tattoo artists can achieve what they promise; therefore, pick the best one. You can even seek recommendations from friends who already have tattoos. Finding the appropriate tattoo artist can help you achieve the greatest tattoo design and prevent most tattoo errors. In addition to etching your tattoo, a skilled tattoo artist will assist you in determining the best tattoo design and placement.


This post lists 10 frequent first-tattoo mistakes that everyone should avoid. Remember that little tattoos can still be concealed, but larger ones will be difficult to conceal. And having an unattractive tattoo is not a good choice because it will remain on your neck, arm, or wherever you get it for 20 to 30 years. Therefore, avoid these errors and obtain the best tattoo design. 

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