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10 Best Caesar Haircut Styles

by Jamie Wilson
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Named after the infamous Roman General and Statesman Julius Caesar, the ‘Caesar Haircut’ has been popular amongst men and boys since the early 90s, with the likes of ER heartthrob George Clooney to rapper Eminem sporting the extremely short horizontal bangs throughout their careers. Over the last couple of years, the Caesar cut has seen something of a resurgence with Drake, Ludacris, and Zac Efron all spotted wearing variations of this classic look. Read on to find out how you can make this ancient style work for you in the modern age…

1.  The Classic Caesar Cut

The Classic Caesar Cut
@Andrea Piacquadio via pexels

The Caesar haircut is so timeless, it really doesn’t need to be altered very much to suit modern tastes. Perfect to disguise hair that is beginning to thin, the Roman hairstyle is a great way to accentuate strong jawlines and cheekbones. Just add a little styling putty to avoid flat bangs, and you’re good to go!

A hairstyle is for guys who are in their 20s to 30s. If you have longer wavy strands at the front you can consider rocking this short hair along with its short fringe. Make sure to book regular cuts to maintain the strands and their elegance.

2.  Curly Caesar Hairstyle 

Curly Caesar Hairstyle
@Adrian N via Unsplash

Curly-haired men have long favoured the Caesar haircut as a fresh, youthful way to show of their texture. From loose waves to tight kinks, all you need to do to achieve this look is to slightly wet the hair and brush your curls forward using a wide tooth comb. Keep the sides short to avoid unwanted frizz, and you’ll be rocking that classical style a là George Clooney in From Dusk Till Dawn.

If you fancy buzz cuts and you want to show off your curls add the right curl cream on top. Style the top with a bouncy curl enhancing product to get the exact same results. Guys who like those fancy night-out clubbing hairdos will like this high skin fade beauty. 

3. Skin Fade Caesar Hairstyle

Skin Fade Caesar Hairstyle
@Marcos Paulo Prado

If you’re seeking something a little more structural and modern, look no further than this edgy version of the Roman style – just ask your barber for a skin fade around the backs and sides, and keep any facial hair neat and short to mimic the precision of the haircut.

If you are already experiencing balding and you are also having a receding hairline, this bowl cut will suit you. If you have thinner hair types and you want something low-maintenance, book this cut asap.

4. Edgy Caesar Cut

Edgy Caesar Cut
@Megan Bagshaw via Unsplash

Fashion-forward guys may be more inclined to go for this edgier version of the classic crop – with slightly longer bangs cut precisely across the forehead, this look is particularly striking on darker hair colours that highlight the stark contrast of the fringe and faded back and sides.

If you are looking for a contemporary look and you want to look modern and stylish, book this look. Guys who are in their 20s will fancy this stylish look the best. You will look very trendy and furious, perfect for guys who like the attention. 

5. Caesar Hairstyle With Longer Fringe

Caesar Hairstyle With Longer Fringe
@Altin Ferreira via Unsplash

The Caesar style need not be super severe – for a fresh take on the look, keep the fringe longer, around an inch above the eyebrows. This is a great haircut for men with thicker hair, but be warned – you will need to add some texturising product to avoid the bowl-cut look! 

Longer hair can be tricky to style and show off. Guys who are into stylish voluminous looks will find this attractive. Heads up however, since longer looks such as this one can be high-maintenance. Can you handle all of it? 

6. Short Caesar Cut

Short Caesar Cut
@John Mark Arnold via Unsplash

A short Caesar cut is a great option for those looking for a low-maintenance hairstyle. As demonstrated by Zac Efron, this is a great style for men with round faces, as the sporty, structural lines give the illusion of a chiseled jawline.

Short, sharp and clean, this look is for those who fancy elegant everyday hairdos. Pair the dark caesar haircut with a clean shaved beard and this style will suit you. Most guys who are in their 30s will want this look.

7.  Roman Haircut with 360 Waves

Roman Haircut with 360 Waves
@Afif Kusuma via Unsplash

Guys with natural texture can also rock the Caesar chop, and it’s a great way to showcase carefully styled 360 waves. This look requires a fair amount of maintenance and you will need to ‘train’ the hair to form tight wave patterns with daily brushing. Keep the moisture in with hair oils and creams.

Defined & sharped edges such as these will suit most guys. If you want a stylish and outlined hairdo, this cut is for you. Add your favorite curl cream to get the right soft bounce.

8. Blunt Caesar Cut with Beard

Blunt Caesar Cut with Beard
@Mariano Nocetti via Unsplash

Although the classic Caesar look tends to be clean-shaven, you can totally rock the cut with a beard to soften the harsh lines of the style – keep any facial hair neatly trimmed and shaped to complement your jawline.

A simple, short & stubborn – this cut along with a thick beard will suit mature guys. Don’t forget to style your beard in a thick and voluminous way to compliment your overall design. 

9. Textured Caesar

Textured Caesar
@Mahdi Bafande via Unsplash

If you’re apprehensive about diving into the blunt bangs across the forehead, just dip your toes in with this softer style. With the fringe tapering to a softer point, add texture with sea salt spray for an up-to-date take on the classic look.

Quite textured and voluminous, this hairdo is a killer! Can you grow your top out this voluminous and healthy? If so, why not experiment with it fast?!

10. Caesar Cut For Grey Hair

Caesar Cut For Grey Hair
@Pedram Normohamadian via unsplash

No round-up of Caesar’s hairstyles would be complete without giving George Clooney a special mention. Having first popularised the cut in the 90s, the actor demonstrates the right way to bring the look bang up-to-date by letting his 5 o clock shadow grow out a little – the perfect inspiration for any of you silver foxes out there.

Who says that guys who have greys can’t rock this hairdo? If you want to stay looking chic and modern, as well as trendy, will adore the George cut inspiration!


1. How Do I Ask For A Caesar Haircut?

It doesn’t really matter how old you are or what your hairstyle/length is. The truth is that anyone can rock a caesar hairdo. In fact, going for a modern caesar haircut means focusing on getting your edges sharp & clean while also experimenting with some different textures & elements. Once at a barber shop you should bring an inspiration that consists of your top section and top-loved looks. Ask the barber for his or her opinion and they will customize the look per your preference and head shape. If you forget to bring a picture just ask for a high fade caesar, every real hairstylist should know of this staple look.

2. Is A Caesar A Fade?

The cut itself is very modern and trendy. You have to focus on all the little details and volume to get the right look. In conclusion, a classic caesar haircut does have fade elements to it. You can visit a ton of different barbershops and ask for a long top which has thick hair and a low fade on the sides to get a caesar hair. You can also go for a razor cut caesar hairdo and ask for a temple fade for more-so defined edges.

3. How To Style Caesar Haircut?

This depends whether if you have thinning hair or if you’re dealing with a short hairstyle. When it comes to styling your hairdo, make sure that you:

  • Always wash your hair when it gets dirty or oily. Aim for washing it every 2-3 days.
  • Once clean & nourished, you should brush it out and part at the top.
  • Go for a high french crop at the top and style it in layers.
  • Use your favorite hair wax or pomade tto get the needed amount of volume.
  • You should also use clippers to get a proper line-up work. Aim for a taper fade haircut every 4 weeks to maintain it. 

Having Said All Of That

Are you ready to rock your favorite ever short caesar haircut? If so, visit your favorite barber or hair salons to get your ideal look. Have time and patience when getting this hairdo. You can also try out some of these ideas off of our list. Which is your favorite? Let us know. 

Feature image from Unsplash

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