10 Best Products To Grow, Trim & Care For Your Beard!

by Jamie Wilson
Best Products To Grow, Trim & Care For Your Beard

Reviewed & updated: October 19, 2022 by Jamie Wilson BA

For some of you a beard may be a tricky thing to grow, for others you can feel like you’re constantly trimming and shaving so you don’t start to look like an over grown version of yourself. Either way, you’ll need to care for your beard (if you can grow one that is), because a beard doesn’t just appear perfect – it needs work, products and a fair amount of time. So if you’re new to the beard game or need some fresh products for your beard, we’ve sieved through and selection the five top products for your beard.

L:A Bruket – Beard Oil

First of, before we talk about the beard oil itself, L:A Bruket have some of the top products for beards. With beard wax and beard wash available, you can keep your beard clean and styled without having to venture into other brands. When it comes to their beard oil, it will keep the hairs and skin underneath, (which is just as important) nourished and protected. The oil contains a natural active ingredient of Jojoba Oil and Hemp Seed which are both elements that help aid antioxidant protection. So if you want a nourished and fresh beard, it’s worth investing on a good beard oil.


Bullfrog – Beard Oil

While we’re on the subject of oil, another favourite of ours is this Bullfrog beard oil. This all-in-one product combines a rich blend of hydrating oils that help protect and care for your skin and beard. The oil can also multi task as either a soothing shaving oil or as a product that helps to reduce fly-aways, which will ultimately keep your beard looking neat and well looked after.

As well as the oil, Bullfrog offer a beard washing exfoliating wax – sounds complicated but it really isn’t. This will clean and remove any impurities, as well as being used for deeper nourishment to keep your hair follicles smooth and not too coarse. This can be used daily just like a face wash – apply it to your beard area then wash away with warm water and you’ll be ready to take on the day, beard first.

Murdock – Beard Moisturiser

To keep your beard hairs smooth and looking well groomed, you’re going to need a moisturiser. You may not think this is majorly needed, but unless you want course hairs that feel like the bristles on a hair brush, a moisturiser is definitely necessary. Murdock have a selection of beard products including shampoos and oils, but this beard moisturiser is something a bit different. It has grease free properties yet still deeply nourishes and protects your beard hair, and of course your skin. The right moisturiser will do a whole lot of good and help leave your beard feeling healthy, smooth and very touchable.


Mr Natty – Beard Brush

So you now have a nourish and clean beard but it still looks a bit messy? Well, Mr Natty offer a beard brush that’ll help keep all your random beard hairs in place. Achieving smoothness through your beard isn’t something that’s instant, however reducing fly-aways can be solved with this Mr Natty grooming brush. We recommend to use this brush daily and after applying your favourite beard moisturiser. Brush in the direction of the hairs to keep it looking neat and, as another plus, it can promote growth direction making beard growing simple and stress-free.


D.R Harris – Moustache Wax

If you’ve managed to grow yourself an impressive beard, or one that’s maybe a little less impressive (sorry), you could now move onto perfecting a moustache. Again, similarly to your beard, you need to take time growing, trimming and keeping it looking neat and healthy. Obviously a razor and mini scissors will help you out, but so will a moustache wax. D.R Harris moustache wax contains a base of natural beeswax which is the ideal ingredient to keeping the hairs smooth, tamed and nourished. Apply it liberally and only use your finger tips to style, otherwise you could accidentally over do it and start to look like one half of 118.


On That Note

If you can grow yourself an impressive beard, amazing, carry on doing what your doing and don’t forget to moisturise and use beard oil. Choosing your perfect product will always depend on how sensitive your skin is, how thick your beard hairs are and what kind of length beard you’re going for. But, at least now you have some sort of idea about what products are needed and what brands have the best offering. So, happy beard growing, and to those of you struggling to grow some hair, maybe it’s time to give up and focus on the hair you have on your head.


Feature image from Pexels

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